Saturday, March 17, 2012

A House of Sick

My sense of organization has always been off but my will to write has always been there. I have a thousand blogs in a thousand places about a thousand different things.

Tristan has declared that he'd like to start a blog with me. He wants to write about our adventures in the kitchen, our adventures with life, his programming and hobbies, my sewing and hobbies.

As of current I've been sick since Saturday night. It started out as a head cold, dizzy and nauseous. Right now I can't taste anything, just sensations, which in itself is a weird sensation. My sense of smell is slowly coming back at all the wrong moments. My nose is still stuffy and I'm still coughing, but I can sit here without turning in to fire.

Now my  babies are sick, or rather Olivia is now sick like Logan was. I can't wait til this cold is done with it's vacation and packs it's bags. Needless to say we're done with this house guest.

We're in the process of flipping our lives around. Instead of coming home and going to sleep Tristan is staying up from his graveyard shift. I've noticed he's a lot happier. This makes me a lot happier. He's got lots of programming done, he's been taking care of us all week. He's even gone so far as to clean the kitchen, mop and bathe our pup??? Maybe he is still sick.

Aside from getting our house in order I wish I had that motivation. I need to sew sewww bad. Hoping to get a jump on that this week. That's my goal. I'll share the progress with hopefully something fun and interesting for the both of us.

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