Saturday, December 29, 2012

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays from Mine to Yours

This year the winter season didn't come any easier than the last, missing my grandma Betty and my family. Tristan however did have it off and that alone was fantastic!

We were able to go to his grandparents for Thanksgiving for the first time in years and even spent a little time with my grandparents and family.

Mid-holiday we got a package in the mail! The most exciting thing ever, I don't care who you are. It came with beautiful clothes and delicious chocolates from my heart in France. I love my grandma Micheline so much, she's supposed to move back and I'm thinking about asking her if she wants to live with Us - of course we'd move to a bigger house. 

For Christmas we decided to stay home but went to Gig Harbor for Christmas Eve and that was wonderful. My grandma Wendy asked permission to squeeze the crap out of Tristan because she likes him so much and it gave me the warm and fuzzies. My grandpa dressed up as Santa, something I haven't seen since I was a child so that was more than awesome.

Christmas Eve was beautiful, the best we've had in a while, I even felt like my grandma Betty was with me... then our van died. I was in tears, my heart ripped from my chest and all hope lost. I mean come on?  Seriously, can anything go right for more than 2 seconds? I told Tristan I want to take the seats out and set up a fort in our house for me to lounge back and close my eyes and pretend everything is still here. We'll see.

For the New Year I'm thinking sparkling cider, comfy pajamas, a blanket fort and a good movie. This body is pooped and there's a lot to prepare for next year. Bring-it-on!

Any big New Year plans worth bragging about?

Monday, June 11, 2012

Our New Home

To say the least, this is our garden. Although, I've recently moved and replanted everything because it was looking crowded and I'm not done picking flowers out. I liked it better this way but I have to remind myself there will be more pretty stuff in the garden's middle soon.

If you know of a safe way to keep bugs from eating our basil and parsley I'd appreciate it, as well as a natural at home remedy for washing fruits before eating them.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Seven Days!

First off I'd like to state that today is day seven of my eight week challenge. I'm surprisingly down 2.6lbs and every muscle in my body is being used and feels great! I most look forward to being flexible, healthy and holding some longevity in my bones. Oh, and that smaller pair of jeans will be nice too!

This week Tristan and I took a day off, more like 2hrs, but it was ours. We went to The Rock, just the two of us, thanks to his dad. Our adventure started out terrible and not so good but it ended up being really great and that's the important part. We also realized we need this more, more time for us, because we Never take Any

Yesterday for a little support we walked to Lowes, our new favorite place. We got our first strawberry plant, some yellow lilies and a hanging basket. Tristan's goody was his sander, which he's been wanting for a while. It was going to be his Father's Day gift but he insisted upon taking it out of his allowance. That's alright, we got something else up our sleeves.

With everything going on; the move, the gardening, the workout challenge, the organizing of the house, the constant cooking and cleaning, waking up with the kids, going to bed right after Tristan leaves... I'm exhausted. I can't remember when my last minute to myself was and Every time I try to take a bubble bath the tub makes it about half way before going extremely cold on me...

Today while trying to get some reviews done, (I'm so behind), the kids decided not to listen. On top of not listening it was a nightmare. I was in the process of doing something when I heard a loud boom, a bright light and some screaming. Logan had stuck some keys in the light socket. One of the keys was fried, he was shaking and in shock and Tristan ... well, he was sleeping and when I woke him up he just laid there. Me? I was overwhelmed, my dad is camping and I didn't know who to call. I burst in to tears and buried my head under the covers midstream for a panic attack.

Everyone is fine now, back to not listening. I'm still exhausted, have some gardening to get done today. I say today is a day for relaxing. As a family we're supposed to go walking tonight for 45 minutes to an hour. Of course with laid plans and a good weather forecast it's freezing nipples outside. Regardless, my garden won't plant itself and it brings me peace and pride. I love it.

For the first time in my life I feel like I'm at home. I feel like we have control of our situation instead of the other way around. We have opportunities to take time for our hobbies instead of hide in the stress. I love the openness of our new home, the yard, the light and all the windows. Our other place is trying to take us for $1,900 but that's another story and hopefully one we can win.

To fresh starts and new beginnings! Hope you guys enjoy your day. I'm going crazy but I'm glad we have a home, a safe home, and that we're together.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

You called for a an "ass kicking"?

So, as a review writer for Lilac City Momma I have been allowed to test and try quite a few things. A couple of days ago Hanan, the woman behind it all, asked me, "would you want to try - fitness program called The Gunnar Challenge". To which my response was "I think a good ass kicking is just what I need." Little did I know this is just what I'm going to get.

I think it starts officially May 21st, which gives me a little time to prep, but today there was a workout. I missed it so I decided to do the Wild Card work out on their website. Rofl! I am currently half way through the first rep. I started to get shakey so I had to eat, something I always forget to do.

Anyways, I'm sweating, I'm burning and I know this is going to be hard so I figured I'd share in hopes of words of encouragement as well as a great body to show off afterwards. (I mean this in the least cocky way, I have 30lbs to lose and I want my body back. Even though I know it will never be the same after kids I still have a right to be happy and feel sexy) This summer I want a Victoria Secret swimsuit, and I want to earn it.

So, here's to a fit and healthy summer packed with adventures, learning and good changes!

*pictures later

Monday, April 30, 2012

Our Magic Number

I'll be the first to admit that I need me time. The kids are hanging on me 24/7 and sometimes when I sleep. I can never catch a break but I love them more than anything in the world. It might come as a surprise to some, or maybe not, but I have always wanted a ton of kids. I was one of three, and my sister was ten years younger so I don't count it since she's her own generation. My grandpa, one of seven and my teacher Mr. Callero, one of sixteen or seventeen. Now, I don't want That many  but I was hoping for four.

My brother and sister do not want kids and if it happens it will be ten years off so when Tristan and I started dating I was quite excited to meet all his nieces and nephews. His family is a big family and I wanted to add to that. Recently there's been debate as if that is going to happen and it literally breaks my heart.

Our magic number is TWO.

And I'll tell you why.
  1. Right now he's the only one working and more kids would be stretching us thinner. While I object to have more kids this year on finances alone I was at least hoping to have more next year.
  2. When it comes to getting out $X.xx is multiplied by our family household. Right now it would be $30-40 to eat out. The more heads the less chances of us eating out. While this isn't enough of a sacrifice, this also applies to family trips to the zoos, museums, parks and other activities. We both want to be able to do this often with our children. 
  3. 1/1 Ratio. Right now if Olivia wants daddy chances are Logan is going to want mommy and I'm okay with that. Tristan feels if we have more kids that someone is going to get left out. All I have to say is he obviously doesn't see the pig pile the kids make on me while he's sleeping. I get his way of thinking but to me it's just more love to go around. 
  4. Growing up! This hits the hardest at the moment. The less kids we have the more we can provide for them in areas of school clothes, supplies and activities as well as when it comes time for them to start driving and eventually going to college. We want to be able to help as much as possible. Right now with Logan hitting a growth spurt and the kids needing transitional weather clothing the impact is becoming a reality of a future nightmare. 
  5. Babysitters. While we have and would babysit Tristan's nieces and nephews more (the numbers are in the masses) we already have a hard time getting someone to watch just our two. If we had more kids the probability would go down dramatically and as I've stated, We've had four dates in almost three years. 
  6. Overpopulation. While I honestly wish I could have 16 kids, and the patience to go with, the reality is even if could afford it that is just a Huge environmental impact. Those 16 kids will go on to have kids of their own and so on and I already have anxiety about current resources, costs and demands and the impact it will have on my kids and grand kid's future. (yes, I did say grand kids, and yes my kids are not even in school yet)
I love my kids more than anything in the world. It's probably unhealthy. I think they are the most amazing little thing the world has to offer and I would do anything for them. I have picture shrines on my wall, scrap books and photo books, collections of data and facts about them, any scribble they've ever made. They make my heart burst from my chest, they're my whole life.

I anticipate growing up with them, I anticipate their future lives, careers and spouses. I anticipate mostly being a grandmother and support system for them as they try and navigate their lives. They make me curious again, and hopeful. I always thought growing up that my life sucked so bad that some day something good would come to me. God gave me family .

Monday, April 9, 2012

The Museum of Glass

We've had Groupon tickets for the Museum of Glass for quite some time. Now that the weather is getting better and so is life we decided we should take the kids. I've never been but apparently Tristan and my sister, who also wanted to come, have been to the museum dozens of times.

We hit Tacoma, took the wrong exit and drove around to see the other attractions and future trips we might encounter this summer. After finding parking we decided against strollers this time and trekked it on foot. I wasn't aware that there were no cameras inside the exhibit halls but they had some beautiful structures and the glass bridge outside as well as the children's hall that you can photographs. (they make the children's drawings in to glass art if they're chosen) They were soooo cute! I wish Logan were just a little bit older.

The exhibits we saw were BEAUTY BEYOND NATURE:The Glass Art of Paul Stankard and MILDRED HOWARD Parenthetically Speaking: It's Only a Figure of Speech. I wish we would've done our homework, part of the exhibit was closed for construction of upcoming displays, and an entire section was glass punctuation, which is neat but I would've loved to see more sculptures. The attention to detail though definitely left me wanting to learn more.

My sister takes glass blowing in high school and she was really interested in how they do things, so we went to the "Hot Shop Live!" for entertainment. They were in the process of making slider goblets during this time! They also played video in the background as well as close ups and the featured artists' other work. I find it all beautiful and fascinating.

After that we were done and hit the gift shop (EXPENSIVE). This made up for the limited exhibits. The pieces in there were Beautiful! The jellyfish and vases stood out the most to me. In the cheaper section were lady bugs, slugs, mermaids, little hearts, scrap coins, seahorses etc. (I'm doing the kids room in an underwater ocean theme, so I'm okay with this)  I got the red haired mermaid for myself and a scrap piece for Logan (I was hoping they'd have a penny machine for our Penny Passport - not at this location). I really want the other mermaids.

When we left the gift shop we'd been there maybe two to three hours so we headed over to the bridge. This was my sister's favorite part. They have art work all along one side of the bridge and farther down up above is more glass work over head which makes for stunning visuals. I had a really good time and can't wait til they change out the exhibits so we can go again. :)

Here are some pictures from our adventure

A Postponement

It's no surprise I'm excited about my wedding, about marrying the man of my dreams, about having a whole day with my family and friends to celebrate the relationship I will be in until the day I die. Knowing this, it saddens me to say that the wedding has  been postponed.

We've been under a lot of stress and pressure trying to come up with everything we need in just a few short months so instead of stressing out and worrying about it we thought it might be best to give ourselves more time. We know that we don't need a million dollars to get married, but we're doing this once and we would like it to be a pleasurable experience.

Also noted, our lease is up at the end of July so trying to come up with money for that on top of a wedding is an accident waiting to happen. Thanks for your understanding.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter

For Easter we went to grandma and papa's house like we always do. I think it's my favorite time of year, I love the family and watching the kids all run around and play together. Grandma Kim always does something special for the grand kids, this year it was lunch pails packed with goodies. I haven't seen her pictures yet, but here are the ones I managed to get before my camera died.

Olivia got the dress from Aunty Monica for her birthday and I just Loved it on her, plus it will last for quite some time. I'm excited!


The kids with some of their cousins and papa and grandma Haynes

Saturday, March 17, 2012

A House of Sick

My sense of organization has always been off but my will to write has always been there. I have a thousand blogs in a thousand places about a thousand different things.

Tristan has declared that he'd like to start a blog with me. He wants to write about our adventures in the kitchen, our adventures with life, his programming and hobbies, my sewing and hobbies.

As of current I've been sick since Saturday night. It started out as a head cold, dizzy and nauseous. Right now I can't taste anything, just sensations, which in itself is a weird sensation. My sense of smell is slowly coming back at all the wrong moments. My nose is still stuffy and I'm still coughing, but I can sit here without turning in to fire.

Now my  babies are sick, or rather Olivia is now sick like Logan was. I can't wait til this cold is done with it's vacation and packs it's bags. Needless to say we're done with this house guest.

We're in the process of flipping our lives around. Instead of coming home and going to sleep Tristan is staying up from his graveyard shift. I've noticed he's a lot happier. This makes me a lot happier. He's got lots of programming done, he's been taking care of us all week. He's even gone so far as to clean the kitchen, mop and bathe our pup??? Maybe he is still sick.

Aside from getting our house in order I wish I had that motivation. I need to sew sewww bad. Hoping to get a jump on that this week. That's my goal. I'll share the progress with hopefully something fun and interesting for the both of us.

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Two Words

Two words, writer's block. I think I've stated that I'm a back up review writer for Lilac City Momma. I'm trying to accomplish my mid-music class review.... *drool slowly comes down the chin* What are we talking about? No idea? Exactly! What am I to write about? I can't even form sentences or complete thoughts on this class. It's a bunch of bouncy crazy children running around the room and tearing it up as parents sing and dance, a slight twinge of community and that's about it... Yikes! The pressure.

I might be slightly more put off since this is more personal than a Fogless Shower Mirror that is Amazing! It might be the fact that I know they're all reading it... the mid review, with weeks left. Ay yi yi!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Livi's 1st Birthday

      My Olivia turned one. I can't believe it's been a year, almost two since I got pregnant, and almost four since I thought I was having her, since I knew in my heart and with all my soul that I wanted her.

I remember when Tristan and I had first started dating. I remember crying because I wanted an Olivia and before Logan turned three. I remember the long nights, the yearning and aching for my little girl. I remember the day we found out we weren't pregnant. The disappointment, and I remember the day we found out we were pregnant, two weeks later. Such a day of happiness and so much promise.

I remember the day we found out she was a she, I cried. I remember having her. It all seems so far away. I remember thinking of her, dreaming of her, this little brown eyed girl with dark brown hair... I remember when she came out blond hair and blue eyes. Talk about a shocker.

She's so smart, and independent. So stubborn and strong willed. She's beautiful and she thinks she's funny. She's my little personality, nothing like I'd dreamed and everything I want. I can't wait to watch her grow in to a young rebellious lady, screaming that she hates me. I can't wait for her to realize she was wrong ( ;p ) and I can't wait to watch her live out her dreams and hopefully have some children of her own some day.

My babies drive me nuts, but I love them so much and I realize how lucky I am to have them, how grateful I am.

Her birthday was a hit. I made a delicious strawberry shortcake supplied in short by Ree Drummond, recipe extraordinaire! We had it at the park so that her cousins could play, so that they all could play. She got sooo many gorgeous outfits and lovely things from people, lots of cute little books, some daddy's girl ones from daddy, and a bunny from each of her grandmother's. It was a good day, we had a good birthday, a delicious birthday. Grandma Kim made breakfast casseroles, Aunty Summer helped her eat her cake and cleaned her up. There was so much love. I'm grateful to everyone who came.

I got "the ring!"

With the girls, Colleen and Monica, I went trying on rings and fell in love with one Just like this, except princess cut. I fell in love with it at Kay's and then recently when we had the money to buy it they said they only had it in silver because it's more popular and to have it in gold I'd have to wait 2+ months. I'm sorry, been waiting long enough.

So, we walked down a few stores to Zales and Tada! Same ring, in gold, right there on the spot. I cried. Maybe a little bit of shock. I cried. It's a size big so when I'm ready to part with it, which will never happen, they have to resize it. (broken heart)

As you can tell this is not princess cut, but it does sparkle more, and it is gold. Tristan's band is gold and I'm sorry, but we're shooting for traditional, matchy matchy.

Also worked out some wedding details; venue, food, drinks, colors, styles etc. I'm wicked excited.

Tristan said pending on his job our wedding may be delayed. (broken heart) He had a job interview this week and a ride along next week and I'm hoping and Praying that this job works out, that he's happier, that we can move and afford a decent wedding. I just want to marry him this year. I don't want to wait. Our lives have obviously already started together (cheesy cliche) but I want our wedding. I need something positive to look forward to, to keep me busy. I want to get married, change my name, officiate the kids. I want Us to take that step towards permanence.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Today is Our Valentine's Day

One night while catching myself settling for a relationship I didn't want I stopped it. I made a decision that I wanted and deserved better. I prayed about it, everything I wanted, needed and deserved. I also promised to just let it go, stop looking and be happy on my own. It didn't last very long. I found Tristan.

He was everything I didn't think I could have. He was ambitious, with dreams and likes aside from video games and alcohol. He wasn't just trying to get in to my pants, and he had a big heart. I knew in the beginning that he could be the one.

The day we were supposed to hang out was a scorcher. I was terrified to go, terrified my car would break down in the heat. A friend of mine told me that if I didn't go I might regret it for the rest of my life and I knew in that instant she was right. I made up my mind to go. I was terrified at first but as the hours passed I knew in my heart I would be sad to see him go, that I couldn't live without him and that he was the cork to fill the hole in my heart. ( I still feel that way now )

He would be telling me stories about his family, his nieces and nephews, his parents and my heart would be aching and yearning for more, to not be in the friend zone. He was a classy guy, a respectable guy. He had a dog. He had a good family, a big family. He still has all those, in fact the family is just getting bigger and better. His family is love, everything I ever wanted in a family, in my family. And now we're getting married, and if they'll truly let me in to their hearts they'll be my family too.

Not even going to lie, Tristan loves me unconditionally, flaws and all. How the hell did I ever get so lucky? Or deserve it. I can't believe where life has taken us so far. I can't wait to see where it has planned for us to go. I do know that I realized last year that I can't live another moment without him, without him knowing how much I love him. I know I can't wait for our lives to start as a married couple.

We hit patches, skids of ice, but we have each other in the end. I feel better through the hard times knowing that I have him by my side and I'm eternally grateful to have his love.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Our Fourth Date, Ever!

Recently, my maid of honor, Colleen, offered to babysit before she went back to school. When I say offer, I mean I didn't even have to ask. This is all crazy to me. Then it got me thinking, and even crazier is that in the two and a half years that Tristan and I have been dating we've only been on three dates. Three!

The first date was... the first date. We went to dinner and a movie. I laughed my butt off, had the time of my life and knew instantly that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him.

Our second date was our first Valentine's Day. I don't remember exactly what we did, but I know that Tristan and I ended up having sparkling cider on a cliff over looking the city with caramel apples.

Our third date was our two year anniversary. We went to the Jasmine and Clay Krazy. It was really fun and Tristan and I made bowls for each other. He even Almost finished mine today.

Today, we went to the Jasmine and then got really Really confused as to what to do next. We walked around the mall trying to think of possibilities but couldn't come up with any, so after an hour or two of second guessing ourselves we just decided to go to Clay Krazy. I painted Raggedy Ann and purchased Raggedy Andy so I could paint him too. I can't wait to finish, I think they're part of Olivia's gifts and I might get her a Raggedy Ann or Andy doll. Her first birthday is coming up quick!

All in all, we obviously have planning to do and have forgotten what it's like to live for us or even spend quality time with each other. This is Really depressing to me so I look forward to recognizing and making more time for each other.

 Thank you Aunty Colleen!!!