Sunday, May 27, 2012

Seven Days!

First off I'd like to state that today is day seven of my eight week challenge. I'm surprisingly down 2.6lbs and every muscle in my body is being used and feels great! I most look forward to being flexible, healthy and holding some longevity in my bones. Oh, and that smaller pair of jeans will be nice too!

This week Tristan and I took a day off, more like 2hrs, but it was ours. We went to The Rock, just the two of us, thanks to his dad. Our adventure started out terrible and not so good but it ended up being really great and that's the important part. We also realized we need this more, more time for us, because we Never take Any

Yesterday for a little support we walked to Lowes, our new favorite place. We got our first strawberry plant, some yellow lilies and a hanging basket. Tristan's goody was his sander, which he's been wanting for a while. It was going to be his Father's Day gift but he insisted upon taking it out of his allowance. That's alright, we got something else up our sleeves.

With everything going on; the move, the gardening, the workout challenge, the organizing of the house, the constant cooking and cleaning, waking up with the kids, going to bed right after Tristan leaves... I'm exhausted. I can't remember when my last minute to myself was and Every time I try to take a bubble bath the tub makes it about half way before going extremely cold on me...

Today while trying to get some reviews done, (I'm so behind), the kids decided not to listen. On top of not listening it was a nightmare. I was in the process of doing something when I heard a loud boom, a bright light and some screaming. Logan had stuck some keys in the light socket. One of the keys was fried, he was shaking and in shock and Tristan ... well, he was sleeping and when I woke him up he just laid there. Me? I was overwhelmed, my dad is camping and I didn't know who to call. I burst in to tears and buried my head under the covers midstream for a panic attack.

Everyone is fine now, back to not listening. I'm still exhausted, have some gardening to get done today. I say today is a day for relaxing. As a family we're supposed to go walking tonight for 45 minutes to an hour. Of course with laid plans and a good weather forecast it's freezing nipples outside. Regardless, my garden won't plant itself and it brings me peace and pride. I love it.

For the first time in my life I feel like I'm at home. I feel like we have control of our situation instead of the other way around. We have opportunities to take time for our hobbies instead of hide in the stress. I love the openness of our new home, the yard, the light and all the windows. Our other place is trying to take us for $1,900 but that's another story and hopefully one we can win.

To fresh starts and new beginnings! Hope you guys enjoy your day. I'm going crazy but I'm glad we have a home, a safe home, and that we're together.

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