Tuesday, May 8, 2012

You called for a an "ass kicking"?

So, as a review writer for Lilac City Momma I have been allowed to test and try quite a few things. A couple of days ago Hanan, the woman behind it all, asked me, "would you want to try - fitness program called The Gunnar Challenge". To which my response was "I think a good ass kicking is just what I need." Little did I know this is just what I'm going to get.

I think it starts officially May 21st, which gives me a little time to prep, but today there was a workout. I missed it so I decided to do the Wild Card work out on their website. Rofl! I am currently half way through the first rep. I started to get shakey so I had to eat, something I always forget to do.

Anyways, I'm sweating, I'm burning and I know this is going to be hard so I figured I'd share in hopes of words of encouragement as well as a great body to show off afterwards. (I mean this in the least cocky way, I have 30lbs to lose and I want my body back. Even though I know it will never be the same after kids I still have a right to be happy and feel sexy) This summer I want a Victoria Secret swimsuit, and I want to earn it.

So, here's to a fit and healthy summer packed with adventures, learning and good changes!

*pictures later

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