Saturday, December 29, 2012

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays from Mine to Yours

This year the winter season didn't come any easier than the last, missing my grandma Betty and my family. Tristan however did have it off and that alone was fantastic!

We were able to go to his grandparents for Thanksgiving for the first time in years and even spent a little time with my grandparents and family.

Mid-holiday we got a package in the mail! The most exciting thing ever, I don't care who you are. It came with beautiful clothes and delicious chocolates from my heart in France. I love my grandma Micheline so much, she's supposed to move back and I'm thinking about asking her if she wants to live with Us - of course we'd move to a bigger house. 

For Christmas we decided to stay home but went to Gig Harbor for Christmas Eve and that was wonderful. My grandma Wendy asked permission to squeeze the crap out of Tristan because she likes him so much and it gave me the warm and fuzzies. My grandpa dressed up as Santa, something I haven't seen since I was a child so that was more than awesome.

Christmas Eve was beautiful, the best we've had in a while, I even felt like my grandma Betty was with me... then our van died. I was in tears, my heart ripped from my chest and all hope lost. I mean come on?  Seriously, can anything go right for more than 2 seconds? I told Tristan I want to take the seats out and set up a fort in our house for me to lounge back and close my eyes and pretend everything is still here. We'll see.

For the New Year I'm thinking sparkling cider, comfy pajamas, a blanket fort and a good movie. This body is pooped and there's a lot to prepare for next year. Bring-it-on!

Any big New Year plans worth bragging about?