Thursday, February 16, 2012

I got "the ring!"

With the girls, Colleen and Monica, I went trying on rings and fell in love with one Just like this, except princess cut. I fell in love with it at Kay's and then recently when we had the money to buy it they said they only had it in silver because it's more popular and to have it in gold I'd have to wait 2+ months. I'm sorry, been waiting long enough.

So, we walked down a few stores to Zales and Tada! Same ring, in gold, right there on the spot. I cried. Maybe a little bit of shock. I cried. It's a size big so when I'm ready to part with it, which will never happen, they have to resize it. (broken heart)

As you can tell this is not princess cut, but it does sparkle more, and it is gold. Tristan's band is gold and I'm sorry, but we're shooting for traditional, matchy matchy.

Also worked out some wedding details; venue, food, drinks, colors, styles etc. I'm wicked excited.

Tristan said pending on his job our wedding may be delayed. (broken heart) He had a job interview this week and a ride along next week and I'm hoping and Praying that this job works out, that he's happier, that we can move and afford a decent wedding. I just want to marry him this year. I don't want to wait. Our lives have obviously already started together (cheesy cliche) but I want our wedding. I need something positive to look forward to, to keep me busy. I want to get married, change my name, officiate the kids. I want Us to take that step towards permanence.

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