Monday, April 9, 2012

The Museum of Glass

We've had Groupon tickets for the Museum of Glass for quite some time. Now that the weather is getting better and so is life we decided we should take the kids. I've never been but apparently Tristan and my sister, who also wanted to come, have been to the museum dozens of times.

We hit Tacoma, took the wrong exit and drove around to see the other attractions and future trips we might encounter this summer. After finding parking we decided against strollers this time and trekked it on foot. I wasn't aware that there were no cameras inside the exhibit halls but they had some beautiful structures and the glass bridge outside as well as the children's hall that you can photographs. (they make the children's drawings in to glass art if they're chosen) They were soooo cute! I wish Logan were just a little bit older.

The exhibits we saw were BEAUTY BEYOND NATURE:The Glass Art of Paul Stankard and MILDRED HOWARD Parenthetically Speaking: It's Only a Figure of Speech. I wish we would've done our homework, part of the exhibit was closed for construction of upcoming displays, and an entire section was glass punctuation, which is neat but I would've loved to see more sculptures. The attention to detail though definitely left me wanting to learn more.

My sister takes glass blowing in high school and she was really interested in how they do things, so we went to the "Hot Shop Live!" for entertainment. They were in the process of making slider goblets during this time! They also played video in the background as well as close ups and the featured artists' other work. I find it all beautiful and fascinating.

After that we were done and hit the gift shop (EXPENSIVE). This made up for the limited exhibits. The pieces in there were Beautiful! The jellyfish and vases stood out the most to me. In the cheaper section were lady bugs, slugs, mermaids, little hearts, scrap coins, seahorses etc. (I'm doing the kids room in an underwater ocean theme, so I'm okay with this)  I got the red haired mermaid for myself and a scrap piece for Logan (I was hoping they'd have a penny machine for our Penny Passport - not at this location). I really want the other mermaids.

When we left the gift shop we'd been there maybe two to three hours so we headed over to the bridge. This was my sister's favorite part. They have art work all along one side of the bridge and farther down up above is more glass work over head which makes for stunning visuals. I had a really good time and can't wait til they change out the exhibits so we can go again. :)

Here are some pictures from our adventure

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