Sunday, February 13, 2011

February 5, 2011 Our Labor Story

I suppose I should be going to bed but I find myself realizing that I haven't posted in a long time, more so about the arrival of our little princess.

Last Thursday Uncle Preston came over and stayed the night. We were all up til 2am, me uploading pictures to Shutterfly and the boys playing video games. Around midnight I got so much pain I could barely sit down. It's not unusual for me to be uncomfortable, though I did have a feeling something was happening.

Around 9am I woke up with contractions. It's been awhile and I wanted to make sure before I woke up Tristan but there was definitely no going back to bed for me. Around 10am I woke up him and we called Ann who told us to time them. For an hour they were 6 minutes apart. We were in labor, Finally!!!

Uncle Preston Obviously did not want to be here, we had brought him though and Tristan certainly wasn't going anywhere so Daniel came and got him. When he got here he also was nice enough to take Logan and Kimber as well as run to the store for us for some last minute things. Thank goodness.

We timed contractions all day and tried napping all day to conserve energy. Whenever they seemed irregular we would decide to lay down, then they would pick up again. Ann doubted real labor I think but I knew she had decided to come. I just felt bad that Logan was there Alllllll day. I had hoped she'd be there by 2pm.

The contractions never went away and later that night Tristan's mom brought Logan back up. Of course, they picked back up and we all got excited. I was Extremely tired and hungry by then seeing as how I munched all day preparing for labor. Tristan made me a grilled cheese around 11pm and we tried watching some comedy which I didn't find so funny at the time.

Around midnight we decided we were too tired to play games with Olivia and we should catch our sleep while we could, planning on her being born when we woke up the next day or something.

Saying good night to Kim we crawled in bed and cuddled and had a little talk... not five minutes later the contractions not only picked up but were the kind I couldn't talk through. They were the kind that I didn't need to tell Tristan I was having because he could tell by looking at me, or me squeezing his hand to get through them... this was it... she was coming, now.

We called Ann who said to time them and call her back. We did that for a little bit before we just decide this was it. She was on her way, Kim was alerted and Tristan and I just laid in bed getting through the contractions. It was quite emotional and almost romantic or... gratifying?

When Ann arrived I was nearly in tears at the thought of being checked. Tristan held my hand for support and... I was an 8! It didn't register at the time, Tristan had to point it out that not only was I pretty much done, but my cervix wasn't scarred and I didn't have to be ripped! That was awesome, just not on my top list of priorities in thoughts.

Her daughter set up the tub and I could get in to it immediately. It was kind of awkward for me, getting in to a tub in front of a crowd in my own living room. Nonetheless I finally gave in and hopped in and it felt sooo good. Tristan was behind me, on the side of me, ready to brace me through contractions. Tristan's mom said I could've been a pioneer woman, I had her laughing while I was in labor. Bahahhaha. I guess all things considered, I Did kick butt.

I didn't kill Tristan's hands, ears or ego. I wasn't mean or feisty, I wasn't irrational or screaming... except at the end.

They got more intense, I braced myself around Tristan's neck and pushed... I got this

My screaming woke up Logan

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