Sunday, August 28, 2011

Deadlines and Updates

October 1st. That's our goal, our personal deadline, our take no prisoners mark. All I want is to go to Westport for my birthday, to paint some decorations for the big move and to finish my sewing projects.

Garage sale coming before the end of September, I think that's a must. There will be a beautiful aray of stuff there in a hasteful need to rid clutter and turn a buck.

About $150 to change my name and about a thousand after filing, fees and background checks for adoption. *big sigh* I don't want income tax spent before we get it. :/

My grandma Micheline called for Logan's birthday, her goal is to move back to the United States... and she laughed, she was happy. It was nice talking to her, I miss her so much.

Logan's birthday was a stressful accomplished hit with pictures to come. I'm proud of myself <3

Quilt is almost done, sewing machine died, pictures on that to come too...

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