Saturday, January 1, 2011

My Belated Christmas Update

Happy New Year!

I know I missed Christmas. I haven't written in quite some time. I don't like the new photo uploader. It makes things quite difficult at times. We had an awesome Christmas.

The day before Christmas Eve I figured out what I wanted to get Tristan, well, one of two things and upon further inspection I settled on a beginner tool set to get him started. He really likes it... or so he says. :p

The day before Christmas Eve we went and saw Santa Clause. Logan couldn't wait. He kept running up in line and trying to ambush him. Tristan and him walked around the mall while I held place. When they eventually came back Logan was a ladies man to a little black girl. She was quite cute and had a beautiful Christmas dress on and little braids in her hair. She must have been younger than him. He kept putting his arm around her and playing with her. There was a little fake puppy that was decorative he got her to come pet and he kept trying to kiss. He's quite hilarious.

When he got to see Santa he ran up there right away... until he saw Rudolph, a stuffed animal they had. I thought everything was going to go out the window. I say though, not bad for a first Christmas Santa picture.

Christmas Eve I went with my dad and Derek to the ocean. That was... a little stressful but fun. Logan got so spoiled for Christmas. My dad got him a Batman cave that is his new favorite toy and he now officially plays like a boy with all the voices and beating and what not. Quite cute. I had my first meal over there, I normally munch on rolls and carrots... we had a good visit. I was completely exhausted when I got home and that night I woke up sick as a dog. :( I was a little worried why because I was going to my grandparents and didn't want to pass anything and my tummy hasn't been the same since.

Christmas Day was... chaotic, with a good start. Logan had a blast going through his stocking, Kimber was excited to get her own present and opened it like a pro, I got some bath and body works scented stuff which I love and haven't worn in quite some time and we had a delicious family meal. The only thing that stunted its excitement was Tristan's withdrawal from his medication and me not feeling so good.

I told my dad I would take his girlfriends daughter to Olympia. Terrible idea only because the stress it put on me. I had to take Tristan to work and pick up my sister in Enumclaw and my mom wanted Logan to open presents and it was all so rushed and chaotic. We got a late start, much later than I had hoped. I ended up buying a coffee for the girl because she ordered one and told me she didn't have money.... I certainly am in no place to spend $5 I Didn't have on someone else's coffee, let alone for an 11 yr old and barely having enough gas to get where I was going. I was a little frustrated.

We arrived Hours later at our initial destination and Christmas started without us. My step mom was her unfriendly self, my dad stayed long enough for Logan to open his presents and rushed out the door unfortunately. My brother ended up stopping by though to give my sister her gift. It's always nice when he can visit.

Despite things, we had a nice visit. My uncle was surprisingly nice and offered to help with Tristan's birthday and we actually got some good words in. This is my favorite. Logan got to color with my grandparents, it was cute to watch and he loves his papa and mama Betty. My sister drove home with Josh so I had a long trip home by myself which actually saved some time and took some stress off.

I arrived at Tristan's work Just in the nick of time to pick him up, he has no faith in me. :) The rest of everything has been a blur. Bouts of shopping sprees here with our gift cards. Tristan got a new game to play and I got a crock pot. Going to Red Lobster Tuesday... yay! And Logan has a Toys R Us card... ugh. His room is so jam packed I don't know what to do.

It's January which means Olivia will be here soon. Finally got her laundry washed, labor class in 7 days, baby shower in 12. It's all coming up so fast but I'm ready for her. I'm truly stressed out and feeling anxiety about the birth, I just have to put myself in the calm I put myself in to when Logan came. Everything I will go through is all leading up to my meeting her and welcoming her in to this world. I have done this before and the pain is only temporary. ... I'm so excited to meet her, to see Logan's reaction to her, to watch her grow... to love her so much. I'm hoping the anxiety will go away either after the labor class or while I'm in labor.

Right now I have a little munchkin that is turning in to a little monster. I'm going to get him some string cheese and watch A Christmas Carol, I know we're late but I want to see it.

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