Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Home-e-o, oh Home-e-o, where for art thou

So, I have an addiction to Starbucks and Shutterfly. They'd both be quite harmless under any other circumstances but the fact of the matter is Starbucks isn't just for bad days anymore and Shutterfly isn't just once a year.

While I am truly grateful for the roof over my head I miss my coffee pot. Just brewing the coffee woke me up and without it I find myself going to Starbucks a Lot more than necessary.

I am also with out anything other than my camera and my hard drive. I don't have my house, my kitchen, or my hobbies. I have Shutterfly. I've made a couple books since being here. I've purchased a couple even. I want to make them for Everyone, I think they're Awesome!!! I love having all the pictures of my life and babies at my fingertips.

My moments with my grandma come and go. I still haven't heard anything from my family. Her birthday was the 10th and I tried calling to give my condolences. Nothing. I tried. Tristan ended up going out of his way to make sure her birthday and birthday dinner were perfect.

I thought my relationship with my mother was fixed after her death but nothing's changed. I don't think it ever will. Especially with nearly $2k debt in my midst because of her. Not something that makes me happy, but then again I'd settle for her company which I can't even get. I think I'm going to have to write a letter. I can't maintain composure over the phone and one or both of us would end up in a scream fit or all out brawl.

Every day Logan and Olivia draw closer. He's the only one that can make her laugh. In fact just this last week, I believe my grandma's birthday, Logan had her in hysterics. He was throwing laundry at her like a mad fool but so far he's the only one to get her to do it. They're adorable together. I hope the "I hate you" phase passes quickly.

Still looking hard for a place to live. Might have to pay off $1,500 first. It seems there's a pattern here in trusting people we shouldn't with financial responsibilities. But I guess in the end everybody owes somebody.

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