Sunday, September 26, 2010

Logan of the Day

  • Kimber was recently given the middle name of Irene, me lacking something to call her when she was in trouble. So, when she's begging or we find dog hair in our mouth, "Kimber Irene!" Logan Alexander found this quite catching in that he calls me "mama roon" when I do something wrong or something is out of place or I'm being yelled at, and of course, Tristan is "dada roon".
  • Yesterday he went potty on his own and in his excitement ran out to the front room for me to put his underwear on. I was quite tired and he was turned sideways and I didn't even think anything of it. I went to go to the computer to check my messages and he runs up to me, "mama roon!" I put his underwear on crooked and his little man parts were not fully encased in their underwear. Granted this is somewhat inappropriate it is quite hilarious to me.
  • This week, we are no longer mom and dad. We are "Manna Mah" [Amanda Mae] and "Doudan" [Tristan]. Ironically enough I am only mama when he's yelling at me, "Mama Roon!" I find this both cute and frustrating.
  • He got a couple medical/vet kits for his birthday and I was laying on the bed after finishing laundry and he decided to bring it and his puppies in the room and check my blood pressure, listen to my heart and check my temp all the while saying, "Manna Mah" when he needed help with the instruments. He's quite the little doctor, and quite the little learner.
  • He's been kind of ridiculous this week and being put in to his room for a little bit, and of course making messes. When I feel he's being pretty dang good I tell him he can come out of he picks up his toys, and in the most pathetic whiney voice I get an, "Oh, mama." Well, he Thrashed his room yesterday and I kind of forgot about him til he yelled something at me I didn't understand. He was telling me he cleaned his room. And that he did! All the toys were put in appropriate bins, the toys on the shelf in their usual spot. I to say the least was sooo surprised I called Tristan at work. He did a Great Job!!!
  • I received "All I want for Christmas is a Dog, Charlie Brown" for Christmas and in the last few months it has been Logan's favorite. Regretfully it only has two episodes on it. I have loved Snoopy since the 3rd grade and have various collectibles though not as many as I'd like to have and my friend Tina saw this and happened to give me a ... fairly decent sized Snoopy stuffed animal and it's quite nice and quite my favorite. I of course put it in Logan's room seeing as how I have no space in my room right now. This morning Logan asked to watch Charlie Brown [who knew] and was cuddled up with Snoopy and trying to feed him cheerios. It was quite cute.
  • Speaking of which, once we found out we were having a girl I high tailed it to Joann's to catch their fabric sale. While looking around I saw huge iron on characters. They did have Snoopy but to my surprise Logan asked for "Charlie Brown". I had no idea what he said at first, this being a new word and Snoopy always being my favorite. Now when we go to Joann's he always says, "Mine Chardee Bown."
  • My grandma got me a Snoopy clock a couple weeks ago and I put it in his room, every hour it chimes the Snoopy theme song, and every hour he runs to his room and says, "Mine Chardee Bown Clock!"
Right now I am tired and my thoughts are disjointed. I realize the lack of flow in all of this. I promise to get my act together and stay on top of this little stinker pot.


  1. That's adorable. He cleaned his room without you even asking? He's a keeper.

  2. That he is! And yes, all by himself. He's been cleaning like crazy, then again, so have I. :p Yay