Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Logan of the Week

Needless to say, I have quite the personality on my hands. Tristan isn't always home and I like to share so he's not missing out on anything. I called them "Logan of the Days." So, why not blog about. I'm a little backed up so here's my word vomit.

This week I've been running around the house cooking and cleaning... and singing. Little did I know I have a back up singer. He's been walking around the house singing too.

He also started two or three days ago going to the bathroom by himself. I had to move the stool to the side so his little foot didn't fall in the toilet, and I say, it's quite amusing watching him wiggle on the toilet. He gets up there, pees and gets down by himself. He's having one heck of a time with his underwear though. Once he screamed because both legs were stuck in one hole. That was quite hilarious.

He's also been helping me with Everything. And when I tell him to go play with his toys he says, "No, I helping mama." ♥ Steal my heart away. He likes to wipe down cupboards, and pick things up and lately he's been a bit better at picking up his toys and better yet putting them in the appropriate bin.

Just yesterday I was unloading the dishwasher and he went to grab our plastic cutting board. I told him to put it down of he was going to his room, he told me no and he was helping and opened up the right drawer And lifted the top one up so that he could slide it under. That drawer is chaotic and he caught me off guard.

He's also been arguing when I say I love you. "No, I love you More mama." He'll do it for quite some time. It makes my heart smile.
I was on the phone with Tristan yesterday and Logan wanted to talk to daddy. He was running around the front room screaming in excitement and singing to him and ... being crazy. I told Logan to give me the phone or I was going to put him in a hideous outfit. He said no mama. But, I got no phone. So, I stood up and said go to your room, we're going to get dressed. He started crying and saying no mama. I told him he was wearing something ugly and he said in the most pathetic voice, "Oh, mama." Well, the outfit was Actually quite cute, from my grandma in France. He asks to look in the mirror whenever I get him dressed up and yesterday was no
exception. He was quite pleased with himself and this morning when we woke up it was cold and I told him to go grab some jammies... he grabbed the outfit.

Last but not least, two days ago I went on a pumpkin frenzy and ended up making pumpkin bunts since I didn't have the proper muffin pan. They took quite some time to cool. I was cleaning up behind myself, something I don't usually do, and I turn around only to see someone making off with a muffin. "Mmm, good muffin mom." I thought it was cute, I couldn't yell. It's pumpkin right? Not sugar? Anyways. I get my muffin ready with cream cheese frosting of course and sit down and eat it and I get full off just one, I'm working on building my blog and a little guy comes up to me with food in his mouth... hmmm??? I go in the kitchen and ask what he's been up to. There is Another muffin on the counter, missing five or six bites. Ya, couldn't yell. It made me smile.

I love him to death and while this post is a little chaotic and a little much I'll try and be on time with the Logan of the days as they come. I've never loved anything more in the world, and I thought I'd share.

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  1. Awww he is growing up too fast...I wanna hear him sing. =)