Sunday, September 19, 2010


This is the misadventures of my perfect life. I say perfect in that I have an Amazing future husband who loves me unconditionally no matter how terrible I am, an amusing and handsomely perfect little two year old, a little girl on the way and of course, no perfect family would be complete without a dog, Kimber, our black lab.

I used to be more of a writer than I am now. I used to be more of a thinker than I am now. I used to be more of a doer too. My hope is that in sharing my life with you I'll not only be inspired to write more, but to think and Do more.

"I am discovering things about myself on a daily basis. I'm more afraid of succeeding than of failing, I'm more afraid of things working out than not, I'm more afraid of being happy than not. I guess in ways I feel I don't deserve better, in other ways I feel like I don't know how. I know what I want and it seems silly to deny myself it. I'm working on it though, I'm trying. I can't keep screwing things up for forever, I can't keep going no where."

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