Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Ocean Maker & Constant Blogger

Yes, it is true. I do all too frequently blog. I haven't written in forever and my fingers are itching to share!

A couple months ago my brother was over for dinner. I was in need of draining hamburger and so I turned on the water to follow it down the sink. I also pushed the faucet aside so the hamburger pan had room.... the faucet drained all over the back of our counter and thus, I became known as the ocean maker to Tristan.

I will say, I have a habit of making spills or leaving messes, be it washing my face, rinsing vegetables, giving Logan a bath, taking one myself. Doing the dishes at my grandma's is no exception. Just a general splatter on the floor, an ocean. I'm sure I make my grandma cringe when I volunteer.

I will also say that I felt the need to share this because this morning has been a wet one.

Pest control came out this morning because we found some bugs in our bathroom, apparently male termites looking for females. Anyways, Tristan worked graveyard and was in bed and Logan snuck up and took mommy's spot and was sorting through my pillows and I thought nothing of it til he knocked over my water.... full glass.

Not ten minutes later I went to have a bowl of cereal and opened the dishwasher and Tristan's "special" cup slowly pours out and spills All over the floor. It's special because of its size.

What a gloriously wet morning!

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