Friday, October 1, 2010

Date Night and the World's Crabbiest Child [Making for the World's Crabbiest Mommy]

It's not very often that Tristan and I find ourselves out and about or with any real money to do things with us so far behind. Yesterday we decided that we needed to feel ... normal again? He had the day off so we were headed to the mall and to run some errands. Yay!

I, in a constant state of frustration, finally made a stop to Motherhood Maternity. I swear to you, only the nicest people on Earth can work there. I needed a new bra and the lady measured me and bent over backwards for me trying to help me out. I am Quite pleased to say that I not only found a bra but realized I probably haven't had an accurate measurement in years and this left me in a state of fog and opened my eyes to my delusions. Sad day. I was also blessed enough to get a new pair of jeans. I've been toting around maternity clothes from my last pregnancy. Logan was born in the summer, Olivia in the winter, clothes don't fit the same under those conditions. So, hooray to me and Thank you Tristan for being patient and supportive.

We also made a stop at Carter's and used our coupon to score some Great deals on a couple more cute outfits and bibs for Olivia. That was just as exciting to me. I can't wait til she's here and I'm quite sad that she's going to miss this holiday season, but next year will have so much more meaning.

We did most of this shopping in a shakey fit of hunger and Tristan decided that yesterday would be our "date night" day. We went to Las Magaritas, I've been craving mexican for some time. I will say I've never been in there and I started out quite impressed with the amount of cherries in my Shirley Temple. Their side of beans, amazing. The meal, quickly served. Tristan ordered himself a beer which came with a side of lime and we sat and ate and laughed as Logan got to watch helicopters out the window and we had a good time.

Logan surprises me with all his little copy cat moments lately and yesterday was no exception. Tristan had taken the lime off his drink and set it on a plate and about ten minutes later I was watching Logan playing with it hoping for a taste and a puckery face. Nope, he decided he wanted it on his water like daddy. Quite cute.

Later came the decision to try it and his face was surely that of disgust. He was appalled and nearly threw it back on the plate, no longer worthy of his water. The funniest part of this was not even ten minutes later it was back on his water then back in his mouth like he had forgotten their first meeting.

We headed off to the Petosphere after refueling. I had promised Kimber a treat so I contemplated the pile while admiring the dogs that we will some day have when we get a big enough yard, or any yard at all for that matter. I decided on some pumpkin treats to give her some new flavors and Logan refused to stop playing with all the biscuits. It was time to go and as I went to pick him up I hear, "No mama!" and Smack! As hard as he could in the side of the face. I was not only shocked but rather embarrassed. He has not been so nice to me lately.

Tristan decided our waiting time for Resident Evil was expired and called papa to watch the Loganator so we could complete our date night. We realized that we were already behind and it was a quick drop off and a scurry back to the theater. I honestly have to say that that was the first time Tristan and I have been to the theater to see a movie alone since our first date. I must also say that it was quite nice. The movie for what it was was good, a little drug out, a little played up for the 3D we missed, but good, and I know someday it will sit on our shelf.

We went back to get Logan who had calmed down and wanted mommy to cuddle. I had started feeling sick in the theater and by the time we got there I was beyond ready to go home. I laid in Logan's lap and let him play with my hair before telling Tristan I Needed to get home.

We stopped at Safeway for soup and a soothing beverage which turned in to a full out shopping trip and the world's most complicated decision in buying new shampoo. [I'm thinking I'm allergic to my hair or my shampoo since I have a wicked rash on my neck and I'm trying to avoid a haircut.] After some debate we figured it out and Tristan took us home and made me some soup and took care of me.

Not even an hour in to sleeping I woke up sicker than a dog begging Tristan to leave the room so I could have a moment alone, I wanted to cry. I thought for sure that I was going to vomit and it might have even helped. My feet were killing me enough as it were and I found it near impossible to get back to sleep. I will also say that once I did I found it impossible to wake up.

Tristan let me sleep in today, til noon. Hooray! I needed it, and more. When I woke up I heard that Logan was being a stinker... and it was almost time for Tristan to go to work... un-hooray.

He thought it would be okay to smack mommy again and tell her no, so I went to put him in bed which turned in to an hour or more of screaming bloody murder, me taking the toys out of his room - and him excitedly helping, more screaming and him slamming his door in my face and him putting himself to bed when he was ready two or three hours later.

I decided to do the same and take a nap thinking that a] it would help me feel better and b] he'd be out for at least two hours... wrong. Within seconds of laying down his radar goes off and he's screaming bloody murder, round two. Who wakes up like that? Seriously? So, I go in there, he calms down and against my better judgement I let him lay in bed with me hoping for some peace and trying not to upset my tummy.

He didn't sleep for long but he woke up in a good mood. I took Kimber out and gave him a popsicle, came back in, tried figuring lunch out. He ate a salad, his new favorite, and he ate All of it, earning another popsicle for being so good.

What was Not so good was me laying on the couch to relax and hearing him make noises that I thought were his blocks, still not in his room. Nope, I get up to find little piles of fish food All over the house, kind of comical had it not been so serious, the biggest pile being on his bed. Well, so much for Mr. Nice Mommy and so much for him turning around for the day. After taking nearly twenty minutes to vacuum up all the piles and little pieces the silence started and he was in his room alone... not so silent.

I tried music, solitaire, watching tv, anything to drown him out. Impossible, he's like a broken record or an annoying high pitched bird when he's in trouble with mommy. Daddy puts him in time out and he's silent as an angel, and good as one too. Daddy wasn't home.

Granted it was close to bed time I didnt' want to put him to bed, I wanted him to be up and know that what he did was wrong and that he could deal with being in his empty room for a bit. An hour later he was spouting something about nigh night and was ready to calm down, kind of. I took him potty and daddy called to say good night. He asked me to lay in his room and because he was trying I did. He finally dozed off, only of course to wake up screaming less than an hour later. This kid is relentless with me. I held him and rocked him for a bit and wound up his giraffe and now he's out... til I'm done with this and crawl in to bed I'm sure.

I am so beyond exhausted and my patience is wearing thin. I can't get comfortable at night, I can't sleep, we're only half way in to this and it's going to get worse, I know, I've been there. I need more than a nap anymore, I need my sleep precious child or mommy will turn in to Oscar the Grouch.

I will say that I still love him more than anything in the world, and that he steals my heart away with his little tender moments, as few and as far in between as they are coming. He makes me smile, and he makes me laugh.

Speaking of which, last thing, I promise. We picked him up The Great Pumpkin King at Walmart yesterday and when we got home I was putting things away and didn't process him showing me All I Want for Christmas Is a Dog, Charlie Brown. He said, "No watch this one anymore mama." And I told him he didnt' have to. What I didn't know at the time was that he had taken it off the shelf and in it's exact place stood The Great Pumpkin King, he traded them out. I told him we could have both and put them both on the shelf... "Oh mama." Cutest words in the world.

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  1. "Oh Momma" cute. I haven't been keeping up with your blogs...I have a lot of reading to do. I'm excited. =) Love this...."Daddy puts him in time out and he's silent as an angel, and good as one too. Daddy wasn't home."