Saturday, October 30, 2010

Productivity Amongst Chaos

Reluctant to say that Logan has continued to be a stink. Yesterday I had enough of his toys being put up. Tristan and I talked about staying here another lease term and having the kids share a room and the thought of this allows me to ... "nest" or get ready. So, I decided I was going to pull all of Logan's toys out and dump everything in to a pile and vacuum out the dog hair, man oh man was it every where. Somewhere amidst moving all his furniture to one side of the room and dumping the bins my back decides that it is going to go out.

I freaked, this is the 3rd time this year, count it the THIRD time. Tristan was sleeping and reasonably so. I thought I would give my back a chance to rest and laid flat on the floor. Bad idea, I couldn't move. I couldn't really do anything and I had to have Tristan come help me up as well as getting Logan a couple times because he was being so ridiculous. My back going out really puts a damper on things but I did manage to finish the cleaning some how last night.

I moved all his posters and pictures to one side, all of his bins and shelves, everything. The left side of the room is empty and ready for Olivia's stuff to move in. Tristan said that me cleaning Logan's room made him happy because Olivia having her own space makes her a real person. He said it sucks, her not having her own room, us not having anything to decorate. I'm pregnant. Don't need to tell me that. We also agreed that I could go crazy buying Princess posters to decorate her side. They aren't that expensive and I stock piled on Super Hero posters when I was pregnant with Logan and even now. I guess I've always had posters and identity in my room and it's how I identify with space. Either way, I'm excited. I'm excited that Tristan is finally excited. That he can finally see that it's coming quick and we need to start shopping, man oh man I can't wait to shop.

On a different note, Tristan has been working non stop the last two weeks or so. It is a blessing and a curse. A curse in that I really have no time to see him or talk to him or anything at all with him. I miss him. He's always sleeping or working and I'm miserable about it. It's a blessing in that Tristan has been feeling inspired and motivated since we got caught up on bills and has had some much needed time to write. He finished chapter one in his first book and is working on character development. This makes me happy because for some time he was miserable. Now he's just miserably tired. The other obvious blessing is over time. We are caught up but as of yet have no extra money. This will help. :) I'm just really glad this isn't permanent because this guy doing the schedule is Terrible.

I did manage to get some more quilting supplies. A bigger cutting board which is sooo nice, a tiny pair of scissors, material to make Tristan a quilt, which is already half done, half the backing to our other dog quilt because I was tired and didn't calculate things times two, and a teeny pair of super sharp scissors. I can't wait til either of our puppy quilts are done because as "simple" as they are [as my mother would say] they are going to be Beautiful and they bring me comfort just looking at them.

I even managed to finally finish my penguin pillow case which led Tristan to tell me that he wants me to make him some new pillow cases, this makes me happy and feel needed. I Love hearing things like this.
♥ So, I'm in the process of making him an "I woof you" pillowcase. When I say in the process I mean to say that my machine has spasmed and is in the process of going on strike. This happened in January when I was working on his birthday present. Apparently I can't make him anything???

Oooh, exciting news! We've decided to do a home birth. I really wanted to do one with Logan but we had a couple little yipers and my mom is semi high strung when it comes to her house so at the time it was not a realistic option, seeing as how I wanted to be as relaxed and stress free as possible during the birth. I contemplated it with Olivia but didn't know I could seeing as how we're on the third floor, or how Tristan would feel about it. Completely supportive. :) He said it stresses him out less knowing that if I go in to labor and he's not here I don't have to try and rush anywhere or wait for anyone and try and take care of Logan and what not.

I couldn't recall what my labor was like with Logan. I knew I wasn't screaming or cursing. I do remember saying I would never have children, or sex again, and I remember being completely exhausted. I asked my sister and she said I was good and that's the only thing she remembers too. Pretty sure I did scream when he crowned. I felt my hips split. Good stuff.

The only thing I'm nervous about is who is actually going to be there. I know I'm going to be extremely huge and extremely naked and not so comfortable letting it all hang out for everyone. I guess we will see when I go in to labor because what I wanted before and what I wanted during with Logan were two completely different worlds. * I can't wait to hold her *

As I write all of this, my back is killing me, my house is a mess, I'm behind on all my projects, my children are driving me nuts and Tristan is once again gone, but I am content, for the first time in a while.

I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to Tristan, for working so hard and so diligently, for getting his butt out of bed to make it on time no matter how tired he is and for being so supportive of everything. My love for him is confirmed on a regular basis and I don't know what I would do without him or who I'd be. Thank you, with everything I have.

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