Monday, October 25, 2010

Stink One and Stink Two

I would just like to say after more hugs and more kisses Logan was finally content to go to bed, around 10pm.

This morning he wakes up in what seems to be a good mood, only it's not. He hasn't done anything so terrible, it's just that he has idle hands. He can't not do anything right now. While some of his efforts tend to be cute the point is that he's simply not listening and being ridiculous.

Daddy woke up today and he was Still a stinker so we made an effort to put Everything up in his room. He spent the first half hours spinning in circles and running around in the space screaming and playing quite happily. Not the message I wanted to get across. I think he's getting bored now, whenever Tristan or I talk and he hears any of it he feels the need to repeat or respond like he's included. This is kind of humorous... not.

Berber Roon isn't doing any better. She has refused to listen to me the last couple of days as well. I've been giving Both of them special treats and goodies this week, like celery and peanut butter and what not, and they Both think that this means they're so good they're immune to the rules.

I've had an ice pack and my phone in my hand now and she's felt the need to follow like I have a treat for her or like I'm giving her something and when I tell her to go away or get down and move my hand up she Jumps Up to try and get whatever it is... I don't think so. There is no reason for her to jump up let alone try and snatch something out of my hands. Which doesn't go without saying that every time I try and give her a biscuit she feels the need to take it before I'm ready. Lol, you were getting this treat for being good, not being a goody snatcher.

I don't know what I am going to do with the two of them as of yet, but I tell you what, I am in serious need of a nap.

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