Friday, October 15, 2010

These Crazy Kids of Ours

Berber Roon [Kimber Irene] has been quite the pain lately. She can't help but freak any time I enter a room or get near her or even look at her. She goes Crazy and tries to jump up on me and lick me and just... she's intense and she's not listening. It's driving me nuts.

She's been acting weird lately, in that her behavior isn't consistent. She's beyond begging, she practically licked a piece of cheese Logan was eating yesterday. The other day I caught her licking my pillow and blanket on the couch for who knows what. Logan's cheerios? She's over stepping her boundaries, licking Logan's table and definitely not just "looking in on daddy" in the kitchen. The worst part is she now gets four scoops of food instead of three and she's eating twice a day instead of once. She has No reason to behave this way, and most of it is Right after she's eaten. She no longer listens to "go lay down" or sit or anything what so ever. *big sigh* She's even resorted to jumping up on the bed with her front paws.

The funny part is when I'm trying to get dressed. I can find stressful humor in that. She will follow me around while I'm trying to pick out an outfit and go crazy. I'm always afraid she's going to lick me. She likes to lick my legs when I get out of the shower and it drives me NUTS!!! A couple weeks ago I was in the bathroom trying to put my pants on in the door way and Tristan was in bed laughing the whole time... she got down in attack mode and growled every time I lifted them up to put them on and kept pouncing.

Today the missionaries came over and for the first time we didn't forget and weren't busy. I didn't realize how loud our house was. Kimber could not calm down what so ever and neither could Logan. We let them have the couch and seeing as how there's limited seating we sat on the floor facing them. Kimber went Crazy the second I sat on the floor and just stared at me, completely up in my face. I tried petting her, getting her to lay down by me. She was just too excited and ridiculous. We had to put her in the room where she whined the whole time and kept banging up against the door.

Logan was Mr.Chatterbox. He got some books and his potato head to show them and kept interrupting. *sigh* The worst funny part being Tristan's doing. He's obsessed with zombies and has been for some time, thus the zombie blog and story on the way. He's been looking for art work and I don't know who showed him but he felt the need to show me Jesus and the Apostles today Before the missionaries came over... as zombies. Great, thanks Tristan. So, when they asked if I knew who they were I of course glared at Tristan with a smile on my face. Good grief, Tristan Haynes.

Lately Logan hasn't been listening very well, but he does it in a way that's tolerable and I can be patient and try and work with him. He'll just slump down and drop to the floor and give me the world's saddest pout and shake his head saying, "No mama." And while the "no mama" upsets me I feel more curious than anything as to why he's so sad. If he has anything in his hand he'll just drop it to his side and look at me with a pitiful look and slowly loosen up his hand til whatever it is has fallen.

Today Mr.Crabbypants woke up from his way too short nap in a not so good mood. He just wanted to "no mama" me to death and didn't really know what he wanted. I tried holding him and what not but what ever I offered he wanted the opposite. His slump made me smile and instead of sending him to his room like I should have I picked him up and screamed "I LOVE YOU" while tickling him to death and smothering him in kisses. He laughed in frustration trying to push me off. I told him I was going to get his boogies like I always do except he just bursted in to tears and sat there and sobbed, tears from the eyes, drool from the mouth. I held him and rocked him back and forth wondering why he was so sad. :( He seems to be Much better now having mac n' cheese and delicious graham crackers. [I forgot how good those were]

His day did not start off like this, in fact most days he'll wake up and we'll hear him in his room calling out to Tristan or I and we tell him to come in our room and he'll pop in with the world's biggest smile and loudest voice, "GOOD MORNING DADDA!" Tristan usually tells him he's being too loud for just waking up but I can't wait for him to get to my side of the bed and "good morning mama" me and kiss me to death. How can I not wake up in a good mood with him starting my day? As Logan crawls over me to smother Tristan and cuddle with his half asleep butt I tell him, wait til Olivia is here and the Two of them want their "good morning dadda."

I've had a very emotional last couple of weeks dealing or not dealing with my family and yesterday was no exception. We had an appointment that was canceled and I couldn't help but burst in to tears for the simple fact I really really wanted to talk to Ann, our midwife. We turned around to head back to Tristan's mom house and I forgot we were going to show Tristan's mom Logan's new costume [pictures coming soon]. I told Tristan not to let him get to the door. Tristan got him all dressed up and he Loves his costume! He high tailed it Screaming, "let me in grandma". Tristan looks at me as I start to laugh and he says, "how can you Not feel better looking at him?" This is true, very true. I love that little stinker pot, he's my bundle of joy and to this day when he falls asleep on me or I get lucky enough to watch him sleep he looks just as fresh and cute as the day I brought him home.

I love him soooo much

I used to lose Hours of sleep just watching him, I couldn't help but think that I have never loved anything more in the world and to this day he has my heart. I'm glad daddy is around because I'm such a sucker. I'm wondering how it's going to be when Olivia gets here, how many hours of sleep I'll lose, how Logan will react, if he'll love her the way I loved my little brother, if Tristan having a little girl will finally make Him the sucker and I can say I told you so???

Nothing in the entire world has made me so singly happy as being a mother and I'm sooo excited that I get to share it with Tristan and the fact that we get two kids, the fact that I have him And yes, even my pain in the butt Berber Roon.