Friday, October 22, 2010

Logan of the Week

Mr. Independent has turned in to Mr. Grumpy Pants. He was a stink butt last week and this week I have been tired and trying to spend more time with him, cuddling and watching cartoons, reading and eating goodies. The Second that I ask him to put something away or to do something he says, "No mama" and drops down to the floor giving me the most ridiculous and pathetic sad face I have Ever seen. He crawls around the floor like he's wiped out and just so depressed. My two year old mopes. If it's nap time, he crawls to his bed and just fall on the side, face first like the world is over. Quite hilarious though frustrating in disciplining.

All last week he was hitting me and hitting me hard and it hurt my feelings more than anything. This week he Kind of knows better, in that when he "hits" me he hits me really soft and it's more the action he needs to get out. The only problem is that he has now resorted to smacking the wall or door or anything he can get his hands on. What part of No Hitting do we not understand?

On a better note, in ways, he has decided that he's done using his potty chair. When he has to go potty he will remove his seat and lift up the lid, pull down his pants, stand in front of the toilet and lean in so that he can go pee like a man! As awesome as this is, I can see we are going to have a problem with shaking and pee drops. This could get messy. :/

Mr. Independent Grumpy Pants has felt the need to not only tell us he wants to watch True Blood, but this week it's Harry Potter. Tristan just finished reading all the books and we borrowed all the movies they have so far, from his dad. We finished the third last night, this taking us a week. Everything now is Arry Potter mom! We even got a Lego magazine in the mail with Harry Potter legos in it and he gets quite excited. That and Star Wars.

He only knows Star Wars because of Lego Star Wars, and he only likes it because he was an Ewok and I taught him how to fling poop so he spent the majority of the time in hysteric giggles.

Yesterday while playing with his pup, that he is Madly in love with, he got bumped down and slammed his face in to our metal pole that holds the speaker. He was crying his eyes out and I was holding him and set him down for some reason and asked if he wanted me to hold him again and he said, "No mama, dadda's turn." I kid you not. OMG!!! Kid's picking up new words, sentences and phrases like you wouldn't believe!

Half the time he talks or repeats things I think to myself, where the Heck did he learn that? Seriously?

Monday we had our Halloween Baking party. I had a great time and I think Logan did too. :) At one point I let him sit in my lap while he frosted cookies. I was worried at first he'd be more concerned with eating them or licking frosting. I have previously said, he's quite intense and deliberate with anything he does. He actually decorated the cookies and did a great job. Aunty Colleen showed him how to do sprinkles and as he shook it, it accidentally got frosting on it. He ended up licking the frosting off and shaking sprinkles again and continuing this for some time. Guess those are claimed.

He made these all by himself.

He had such a great time that I thought I'd let him help me making biscuit pizzas. I learned how to make them in 7th grade, they are delicious and easy and I thought he'd enjoy himself. He had fun spreading on the tomato paste and sprinkling the oregano. The cheese was piled in clumps here and there and needed some arranging. I thought I'd use some bell pepper for flavor and not to waste them. Oh man they were delicious. Logan however disagreed. He does not like the texture or taste of bell peppers. He gave me a look of disgust and said, "no eat this at all mama". I picked off the peppers and told him that it's okay to eat, that He made it and it was delicious. He said, Oh! And tried again... ya he didn't like it. It's cheese, and biscuit... and delicious. Then again, he's been one picky eater lately.

Finished product.

I must say that I find him to be the most amusing thing in the world to watch. He's so focused on anything he does. I Really hope this continues through his schooling years. When he draws he watches the paper with intensity like each line has a certain place to be. I cut out some pumpkins and glued them to cards to mail out. He had a Blast coloring them. I love his little circle squibblys. When he colors things in coloring books he colors one thing at a time, which is second to coloring in the lines. He's kind of always been this way. He's a great painter. I should post pictures of his art work. Even his day care lady was impressed when they got to paint the world. She said he was the best.

I look at him and find myself overwhelmed at how far we come. It seems like only yesterday I was holding him for the first time, the most content and happiest I have ever been in my life. I've been watching him sleep his whole life and he'll always be my baby, no matter how big of a little stink pot he is, or how big he thinks he's grown. I have a soft spot for him, he's my angel and I'm so proud of him. This makes me so emotional in that just a few short months I will have a little girl.

I keep thinking of her, picturing this baby with this big patch of hair in her blue and brown polka dotted onsie. I don't know why that one but it's the only one I see. I worry about bonding with her, about bonding with Logan. I worry about spending time equally with them, I want Logan to feel included and want him to help as much as he wants no matter how ridiculous it could get. I want him to love her like I love him, unconditionally. Already he loves to take time to lift up my shirt and Gently rub my belly and say "good morning Olivia" and kiss her so softly. I know he doesn't fully understand and I don't think any of us will til she's in our arms, but I'm glad he's already thinking of her as gently as possible.

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