Friday, October 8, 2010

Logan of the Day

  • Logan has recently started talking way too many new words, not only blowing my mind but hurting it trying to keep up. Not everything I understand on the first go, the most recent being "mess.
While he always yells at me if something is knocked over or out of place, "Mama Roon!", he has started saying "mess" or "messy" which I didn't understand til we were in his room and I saw legos on the floor, which was what he was referring to. So, now he feels it necessary to point out every mess possible. Thanks Logan, as if mommy weren't crazy enough with the messes I notice.
  • He's also been saying, "Boofull mom." Everything is beautiful. We recently got a bed, as I previously stated, and it has a skirt and oh so wonderful blankets on it. He feels the need to come in to our room now and then, "boofull mom."
  • Just now, I had to go potty, this venture inspired today's blog. As I was "going potty" Logan comes in the room with a Big smile on his face, "Good job mom!" Thanks Logan.
  • He's also been helping to ... discipline Kimber, if that's the right word? Probably not. We've caught him telling her to stay out of the kitchen, "no begging pup", yelling "Burber Roon!" when she puts her toys up on the bed, and "go to bed pup" when she's where she's not supposed to be. Although she doesn't fully listen to him this is quite hilarious.
He's been a bit more bondful with her lately. Much cuddling, tummy rubbing, food feeding, water watching, Kimber licking fun. This morning he was sitting next to her laughing and putting his face out so she could lick him, and while I do admit this is quite gross, it's adorable how he loves her.
  • Another past time of his is to play with babies. He has one Aunty Summer gave him and one Grandma Kim got him. He totes them around in a stroller, and yes I know he's a boy, but he Loves his babies. He got a bear from France that is rather quite cute and possibly my favorite. It has a binky in it's mouth so of course, it's a baby. He brought me a diaper to put on it and his changing pad from when he was a baby and sat in the front room area for hours yesterday or the day before playing house and putting the babies nigh night. I also have his swaddling blankets and that's what they were all cuddling up with. Yes, I am a pack rat. I am working on it.
He likes to sleep on his tummy with his hands under his pillow and my favorite things are when he puts the babies on their tummies on the pillow and says nigh night and covers them up just so.
  • True Blood. We've recently caught up on season 2. Whenever I flip through the channels, "no watch this show all mama" [he doesn't want to watch that] "watch Too Bud mom" [he wants to watch True Blood. Bahahahahahhaahhaahahahaha, you're kidding right?!?!?!
  • While, "No listen mama all" [not listening to mama at all] has become his favorite and most common words I must say that I love this little stink pot more than anything in the world. And while he sometimes confuses Greyhounds with Choo Choo trains, I would say that he's the smartest little button I've come to witness and I'm glad to say that I can finally watch a kid grow full stage. Can't wait til Olivia is here, or til she's strong enough to kick Logan and Tristan.


  1. Smart kid - True Blood is the show to watch.

    And you are a pack rat. Admitting it is the first step. =)

  2. Where does this even come in lol and I know, I'm to the point where I want to throw everything away <3