Sunday, October 24, 2010

And the Monster of the Year Award goes to.... LOGAN!

Here I am, finally writing my grandmother in France a very overdue long letter. I am specifically at the part where I am describing all Logan's quirks and explaining how amazing he is and how I wish she could meet him and what is he doing in the back ground? Screaming bloody murder, throwing a tantrum and refusing to go to bed. Oh, how sweet life is.

Last night I was completely restless. I spoke to Tristan on the phone for Quite some time, I haven't really gotten to speak to him all week or see him so... we chatted late. Even when we hung up I was restless and couldn't get to sleep. I slept for maybe an hour or two before he got home, then woke up with him and stayed up later than him. I went to bed after 4:30am and Logan woke up around 9-9:30am. I am tired. I planned on taking a nap with Logan today, but he didn't want to. He missed his nap, throwing himself in to bed at 7pm. Why?

For dinner I made chili and cornbread and gave him some milk. He got to sit by himself because he took black crayon to his bedroom wall and my tv... entirely. I was checking on him here and there but apparently not enough. When he brought me his empty bowl and cup I was proud. Not! He dumped his chili And his milk on to his plate that held his cornbread, the only thing he really ate. Wonderful mess to clean up.

Tristan said to take all the toys out of his room, not an easy thing and I knew he'd just get in to his closet. So, we decided to put him in the hall with a blanket and pillow. Psh. He had so much fun. He always brings out blankets and pillows and spends hours making beds and playing with baby dolls going nigh night. Tonight was no different. In an empty hall with a blanket and pillow he had a blast spinning around and making beds and pretending to go nigh night. Wonderful.

At 7pm I put him to bed. He's still awake. It's 8:45pm. He was a toad when I put him to bed but he went to sleep. 40 minutes later he wakes up saying he has to go potty. So, I put his whiney butt on the potty figuring that his mood is him being overly tired. He didn't have to go to the bathroom. He screamed for like 10 minutes. When I suggested we give Kimber a biscuit and tell her nigh night I thought it would calm him down. I was wrong. I gave her a biscuit and he just dropped his head and moped when I asked him to give her his biscuit. So, I took it after asking a couple times and gave it to her. It's not fair to tease her.

He screamed bloody murder because of this so I put him in his room where he screamed more. Tried shutting the door, he banged on it screaming for... 10-15 minutes. Open it, "are you ready to calm down and listen?" I get a yes, we try going to the bathroom again and he gets to talk to daddy. He even gets to give Kimber a biscuit. I figure this is a ritual and now he can sleep. Wrong!

He whines. I tell him to calm down. He puckers his lips for kisses, asks for a hug. I figure sure, he needs to know I still love him. He calms down. I think he's gone to sleep. 15 minutes later, he's at the door half naked ready to pee, only when I put him on, he doesn't have to.

He is currently screaming "momma" and I swear I am going crazy. We haven't had this bad a night in weeks and I thought he might be a good boy for mommy since mommy has been spending so much time with him this week and giving him little treats, and no not just cookies.

But no, alas my grouch monster has returned and I in a ridiculous lack of sleep am surely going to lose my mind. I wonder if he'll be asleep when Tristan gets home at 2:30am. :(

So much for going to bed early.

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