Friday, October 22, 2010

Woman vs Man

Lately I've been wondering if all men are idiots or if they've drilled in them selves that they are not and should not be responsible for anything because it is a woman's job to do.

I have no problem making all the meals, doing all the dishes, doing all the laundry, cleaning all the surfaces of our furry house, vacuuming every day, feeding the dog and taking her out all day and dealing with the monster.

What I do have a problem with is if I have Just finished cleaning the kitchen and wiping down the counters and you come home and make something, you leaving crumbs all over the counter and dishes in the sink. Pick up after yourself.

If I've gotten backed up on laundry and end up having to fold 3-5 loads and our chair is finally clean, don't throw a new load in the chair. Fold it! Take two seconds to fold it!

If I finally made a home for the dirty laundry, stop leaving it in the hall, on the chair, couch, bathroom floor and couch.

If I make an effort to clean an entire area out that I've been working on for months, yes months, then don't take a pile of shit that you have no idea what to do with and cram it in that corner! Don't throw it on the floor or stack it on the end of the table and say, "I didn't know what to do with it."

If you feel the need to save food that you aren't ever going to eat then do the liberty of throwing away your left overs or cleaning out the fridge before a month is up and if you don't and I get stuck with it because you don't follow through with anything... do Not go in to the fridge and start cramming stuff after I just got cleaning a fridge you wanted nothing to do with.

If I make the effort to clean off the fire place from all the clutter so that our house can feel like a home, don't come home and cram junk mail behind the pictures. Throw it away or open it and put it somewhere accordingly.

If we Finally have a bed that is up off the floor and away from the dog, do not egg her on to come "cuddle" with you in the morning resting herself and rubbing herself all over the side of the bed and blankets. Get your ass out of bed and get on the floor and pay her some attention. Also, do not leave the bed in an after tornado state. Take two seconds to straighten things out and make the bed.

If your complaint is that you're working and you're so tired that all you want to do is sleep, do not wake up after 10-12 hours of sleeping, barley say hi and get on your phone and computer for the next half hour or more to "wake up". Pay the people in your life that miss you and need your affection some damn attention. Don't get mad or irritated or frustrated as your son is saying, "dadda watch" or "dadda up" when the only thing he knows is "dadda's sleeping" or "dadda's workin". I don't care how long your day was or how tired you are, if you want children they come first no matter how wiped out you are.

If all you ever do is sleep and sleep in and I ask for a day to sleep in, don't put the kid back to bed so you can sleep too. Get your butt out of bed, go bond with him, eat breakfast with him and watch cartoons with him. It is not going to kill you to put someone else first.

If you're never home when I go to bed or when I wake up, don't make it a point to say hello to your dog first, kissing her and telling her how much you missed her and getting excited about her... then crawl in to bed and go to sleep facing the other direction or just waking up and getting out of bed without saying a word to me... especially when all I do is wait for you.

I wait for you to wake up, to go to bed, to not be tired, to have breakfast, to have dinner, to watch certain things with, to do certain things with.

I wait for you to wake up and you sleep until you have to go to work again.
I wait for you to go to bed and you want to stay up three more hours.
I wait to have breakfast with you only to find that you still need more sleep.
I wait to have dinner with you only to find that you still need... more sleep.
I wait to watch certain things with you only to hear you say you want to do it after 11pm and I'm the one that gets to suffer waking up in the morning, while you sleep in.

No matter how much I toss and turn, can't get comfortable, want to puke from pain or heart burn, no matter how late I go to bed or how many times I wake up, no matter how often we both go to bed at the same time... I'm always the one that has to wake up... by myself. Rise and shine, bright and early, no mercy for the restless. The least you could do, the only thing I'm asking of you, is to wake up with me... with us.

How fair is that I get to spend all my time with myself, waiting on you and doing things for you all day only to have you come home and ignore me? Only to have you come home and not want to help? How fair is it that every meal is spent alone, every night is spent alone, every waking moment... is spent alone. How fair is it that I have to put forth all this effort to make you happy, to do your laundry, to feed you and take care of you like you are a child and you can't put forth any effort in me?

They say a woman becomes a mother the moment she finds out she's pregnant, or feels the baby kick. They say a man becomes a father when he gets to hold his baby. Do I really have to wait so long for someone to wake up? And if so, what if nothing changes? What if I'm still the one with sleepless nights, putting forth all the effort and doing everything around the house and all you want to do is sleep in because You're tired?

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