Thursday, December 2, 2010

Family Get Togethers and the Stomach Flu

This last weekend we went to Auburn for Julia's Blessing. We stayed Saturday night and came home Sunday, with little sleep. It was so much fun though, 10 grandkids, 7 my age adults, 2 parents and 2 grandparents. Whooo! Lots of noise, lots of bonding.

I was hesitant at first because Tristan was experiencing cold chills and sweats and I was thinking of all we could be contaminating. He decided he was fine enough for the trip though and we ended up going, only to find that everyone there was coughing or sick in some way, and later learned we were exposed to the stomach flu. Go figure?

It was really good getting together like that, especially after missing Thanksgiving with everyone, and going to miss Christmas. I'm glad Tristan got to spend time with his Whole family, just sucked he had to work quite a bit out of that time.

Logan had a blast too playing with Abby and Carter. Watching him laugh hysterically at the little things they were doing or having their conversations without words made me all that more excited for Olivia. I also realized an over stuffed table and meal prayer had been something I had been missing, as well as Kim's delicious cooking.

I managed to get a Christmas dress, I look like a hippo, and some stockings and earrings. Tristan, a matching shirt for some hopefully soon holiday pictures. Oh, this time it approaches fastly. I feel so behind and this sickness isn't helping.

We came home Sunday night and I threw my back out. Epic fail, fourth time this year. I was in tears. I am sooo completely frustrated. I called Ann and she said a hot bath, extra calcium magnesium and extra fish oils, yum! It worked.

I will however say, that while in my bath I thought it might help if Logan colored on the floor so I knew where he was and that he was okay. My little mermaid was feeling dehydrated and couldn't keep his hands out of my bath, which then led to him dumping cups of water on me and soaking wet clothes. Which led of course to him trying to take his clothes of or just jump in head first. So much for a relaxing bath. My tub was then filled with Kimber hair and Logan crusties. Wonderful feeling. I decided to forfeit and let Logan have the bath.

That night was the best night's sleep I've had in possibly months. I don't know if it was the lack of sleep in Auburn or the calcium pills or what. I didn't move. Tristan said he was so jealous hearing me snore all night. Wonderful, I snore.

Monday kicked off with us listening to and seeing Olivia. She's also head down. Wahoo! Next stop, my mom's for the kids' dresser and then to Auburn for Kimber's dog food [which we forgot anyways] to print out coupons for food and pick up the phone charger we forgot. We were greeted with a "what do you think you're doing here?" A serious warning to the sickness within the walls. Vomiting and diarrhea. Wonderful.

I started to panic already feeling hot and shakey, thinking this was what was next, dreading getting it. I kept telling myself, mine was from something I ate, or being pregnant, or hungry, doing anything to talk myself out of sickness... it worked.

My cuddly little snuggle monster is quite the charmer. I love it when I do something for him and don't think much of it, but he takes the time to say thank you. I love it when I sneeze or even cough and he's Supposed to be sleeping and I hear, "bless you mom". It makes me feel good inside.

That night I felt so much better I figured I would tackle laundry. Our bed was Covered. Logan woke up half way through and Tristan was working grave yard, and to be honest I just wanted to cuddle. I didn't even bother putting him back to bed in his own bed and told him to lay down while I did laundry. 3/4 way through my load Logan looks at me and says, "thank you mom." I said, "thank you for what?" Which led him to look around and then back at me, "doing laundry." Awwww, my heart stopped. Who in the entire world gets thanked for doing laundry? Especially by a 2yr old. I either have a serious sweet heart on my hands or a little boy that knows how to play his mother.

3:30am I get a call from Tristan. He's sick and shakey at work, ready to puke and wants me to call his supervisor [I have his phone since mine is busted and well, emergencies]. I'm thinking great, it's here. Of course, his wonderful supervisor didn't answer, and of course Tristan got sicker. I felt terrible and helpless and laid in bed unable to sleep, waiting for it. Heck, I even Dreamt about it. Luckily, I didn't get it.

Tristan's supervisor showed up a whole half hour early, whoo. When Tristan crawled in to bed I just imagined this giant bacteria laying next to me. It made it all that much more impossible to sleep or get comfortable. Especially when he jumped up to puke his guts out in our absolutely Not sound proof bathroom. I cringed, I even almost cried praying it wouldn't hit me.

That was Wednesday. Today is Thursday. I've felt sick and nauseous for the last couple days, trying to get in some carbonation to burp it up instead. So far, it's working? Or my immune system is just that good, or it just hasn't hit yet. Tristan was barely there, we were betting Logan or I would be first. Luckily neither, though I did hear some people just got nauseous so maybe I did get it and that was the worst of it? As of right now I'm wondering if Tristan will be my carrier and thinking if I can just make it through the next 24 hours I can stop worrying, something my brother says I'm doing too much of.

Ya, vomiting and diarrhea sound so wonderful, especially to a woman who's belly is holding a little skeleton. Imagine those heaving contractions or cramps. I think not. Logan, he's 2. If he gets sick there will be no warning and a big mess. Of course I'm worried.

We all slept in the front room last night, or were going to til Logan just got too restless. Tristan is sleeping now, but feels a lot better as far as symptoms go. Logan and I have been watching Christmas shows on Netflix, consisting of but not limited to; Veggie Tales, Barney and currently All Dogs Christmas.

I still feel kind of icky, more so in the fact that I think I'm coming down with an actual cold. I woke up the last two days with a little head ache and right now I feel achy icky. I don't want to be achy icky. I have vacuuming, dishes, laundry, organizing and mass sewing to do as well as a little trip to the store for some milk. Ugh. I'm tired but feeling more motivated right now, we had a Really lazy day yesterday. The more I moved the sicker I felt and I wasn't tempting fate. I am Completely grateful right now for mine and Logan's health, as well as Tristan not being as sick as some had gotten though he will be resting til his shift tomorrow. I just want to get all the cleaning done so we can cuddle up and finish our Harry Potter extravaganza.

Maybe it's hormones, but I'm feeling completely at peace and overwhelmed with love towards my two favorite guys. All I want to do is kiss and cuddle.

Oooooh! We bred a zombie. I taught Logan to eat people without biting them, which is soooo freaking cute. He'll eat my arm and my chicken and what not but it's Hilarious when he eats my neck cause he throws my head to the side and I imagine him just ripping me to shreds. Terrible I know, we've been watching a lot of zombies lately. Nom nom nom nom nom! ♥

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