Thursday, December 9, 2010

Logan of the Week

[just because it's the funniest]

Tristan had a subscription to Maxim and apparently hasn't let them go. One particular issue has Lindsey Lohan in a swimsuit on the front cover, as well as a little magazine with it or from somewhere else with college hotties in swimsuits.

Logan first started out like this... "Mom, really want this one." Of course, pointing to Lindsey Lohan. This is definitely not a Walmart catalog.

Then, I found him looking at the college hotties in swimsuits. One in particular was holding something in the place of her exaggerated breasts. With his tiny little finger pointed right at the targets... "Mom, Really want this one."

Last but not least, the one that got these magazines taken away and hidden til he's moved out... a college hottie on the front of a ship, in her swimsuit, very provocative with her legs spread. This one took the shame. He couldn't even use his little pointer finger. Instead, he used mine. Pointing to the place you're imagining... "Mom, really want this one."

When asked if they were his girlfriends, Tristan got smacked and told to, "Stop it dad." He was embarrassed. Heck, I'm embarrassed, and quite glad he's only two and that these images won't stick... and that Tristan owns this trash, but it's a guy thing, and I own things too. ♥

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