Sunday, November 21, 2010

First Day of Winter

Today is the day of our first snow, hopefully in a long line of many. It's been quite cold lately but not quite winter.

Tristan ended up getting the whole day off, because his supervisor is an idiot, so we were able to light a fire and spend time together. I made delicious enchiladas for dinner and we were up Way too late watching True Blood.

This morning he made me biscuits and sausage/bacon gravy. It was quite delicious. He's at work now, and apparently has to be back at 6am so he's going to stay in Auburn tonight because... it's snowing! It's probably the safest choice seeing as how it's usually icy in the morning and the Durango has no gas and it'll be too early and just...bleh. The good news is that he'll be home the rest of the Day!

He hasn't worked 6am shifts since he first started at Microsoft, I miss those shifts. I miss seeing him every day for longer periods of time and actually being able to do stuff together.

Today, Logan is my companion. We took a nap together and now we're eating apple pie and ice cream. All of sudden I hear Logan screaming ... eating pie and I wonder what's up. Brain freeze. I told him, not just the ice cream, the pie too. So I mixed up what was left and told him to eat the delicious apples. He started eating it and looked at me and says, "I feel better now mom."

That's been his thing lately. If he throws a fit or doesn't listen he'll walk away or something and come back later saying, " I feel better now mom."

I think I'm going to finish my ice cream and pie and cuddle up with Logan and watch a movie.

p.s. as of now the snow is covering surfaces but not deep, I'd tell you more but our apartments suck and we don't have a back porch light.

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  1. Apparently he doesn't want to cuddle up with me, he wants to cuddle up with Olivia. <3