Tuesday, November 30, 2010


I'm a bit delayed. I know this. However, this year has been chaotic so I'm excusing myself. This year Tristan and I were not able to travel for Thanksgiving like we did last year. It started out as a financial thing, then Tristan's dad offered to pay our gas. It then turned in to a "Tristan has been working his butt off and just doesn't want to travel" thing. Especially considering that he had to work the next day at 2pm, the snow and icy road conditions, his need to get rest and the fact we already planned on having Thanksgiving at home and had already bought a turkey and planned a meal. I will say it was rather depressing to have missed out on the whole "big family Thanksgiving", especially since Tristan has to work Christmas Eve and Day as it stands.

We had a lot to do, and Tristan wanted everything like his grandma makes it. Our menu consisted of; the obvious turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, homemade rolls, homemade stuffing - a first for both of us, green beans with bacon, a homemade pumpkin pie and cheesecake because Tristan doesn't like pumpkin and I made him an apple pie last week.

My dad was supposed to go the ocean but hadn't decided on the full commitment so I invited him over. It would've been our first Thanksgiving together probably ever. He said that was a great idea, then later called to say he was going to the ocean, then later called to say that he didn't want to deal with traffic and that it was getting too late and "they" would be over. They consisting of my little brother and my dad's roommate. I will say, I was nervous at first.

Logan of course got a bag full of m&m's from my dad first thing upon arrival, which he gave him to eat without my permission, leading him to Not eat any of his dinner. Epic fail.

All in all, dinner was Delicious. We managed to dirty every single pot, pan, casserole dish, and of course dish... that we owned. It was a blast. I will say we got ourselves a roasting pan out of the deal that we can now use for our ham on Christmas.

I had a wonderful time with Tristan preparing our meal and it was nice having my dad and little brother here. Oh, and Tristan got me some non alcoholic beer for the occasion. ♥ Not the highlight, but definitely a plus.

In fact, the highlight of my Thanksgiving this year and probably all of them for the rest of my children's days was probably our Thankful Turkey's we started last year. We trace our hands and color them in to turkeys and surround them with things we're thankful for.

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