Thursday, November 11, 2010

Shopping for Olivia

Yesterday was a good day. Tristan took more sleep than he said, but it was the first time we got to go out in a long time. We also not only got to look at baby stuff, but buy it as well.

First stop, grandma Kim's. She's been in Spokane for weeks. We brought cookies and Logan got excited to see her. She's working on some bows for Olivia, I'm sooo excited, and I got to go through her cookie cutters for the upcoming holidays.

Next stop, Kmart! We looked, I liked, we continued on. Tristan I guess didn't plan on spending that much, in which I was honestly a little disappointed. As we were walking around looking at housewares and Christmas Decor I asked Tristan if we could layaway. Obviously not a ton of stuff, just a bit more than what we had. I told him I was okay not getting stuff that day as long as it was coming. He was perfectly okay with it. Yay!

I fell in love with some Snoopy decorations
In the end we got; the mobile, some hats, mittens, flannels, wraps, a fleece and princess booties with a matching head band. Can't wait to get it out, or til she can use em!

Then, we went to Walmart. I of course Had to look at the Christmas stuff then we moved to baby stuff among other things. Tristan let me get the seahorse I wanted for Olivia. Logan has one, but the music box rusted so we took it out. He couldn't put hers down and kept holding and kissing it saying, "awe". We also got a toy mix. Aside from the big stuff, I feel satisfied.

Of course, next stop > Monica's Birthday! Olive Garden. I made a terrible choice in getting a strawberry mango margarita. Soooo delicious, and more than I had or wanted to spend. This wouldn't have been that bad except that I had to order two. [virgin of course] Our waitress sucked and was completely incomprehensible. Other than that I had good food and a good time. I hope Monica did too. I finished her present this morning, I literally only need like five or ten more minutes. I'm not good with the hand stitching and in one case actually stabbed a nerve with the needle, pain I tell you. Pictures coming Monday, after I give it to her. ♥


Tristan worked at 2pm today so we had pancakes and bacon for breakfast and broccoli cheddar soup for lunch... and dinner. Soooo good and comforting. I was grossed out at the thought before but it hit the spot.

I got some of Olivia's quilt cut out today and in the mean time, Logan and I are going to take a shower and I'm going to cut my hair. Tristan said not too short in case I mess up so that I can get it fixed. Thanks dear.

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