Monday, November 22, 2010

Snow Storm!

It started snowing yesterday. Today it snowed quite a bit more. Tristan was supposed to work 6am-2pm which I would've preferred in these conditions. He just left for work for his 10pm-6am shift. That's when it's going to be the coldest and iciest. :(

I called my dad who not only lives down the road but has a road service business, which means he's been driving in it all day. He said he's using chains and it's terrible on the back roads and extremely icy. Tristan doesn't have chains. He has the Durango, and now it's dark outside. He refused to take a blanket, I hope he won't need it.

It's not that I don't trust his driving abilities, he's driven in it before and he's better off than I would be. It's the other idiots that also have places to go in ill equipped cars that could be sliding around and what not, and perhaps even in to him. It's also specifically the roads he has to take to get to work. Not looking forward to hearing those tales.

In the mean time, I have the electric blanket cranked up in case the power goes out. Or for when I'm ready to crawl in to bed, where yes I will turn it off. I'm enjoying a non alcoholic beer and cutting fabric for my Thanksgiving place mats, yes to use in just a few days. I should be great unless the power goes out, I have all the material cut out except four strips which I'm doing now and will take no time.

They're the Charlie Brown one's that Tristan picked out. I will definitely post pics when they're done. They're my second attempt at place mats and should be a bit more beautiful giving me even more hope in the Christmas ones. :D Good practice I tell you!

To you I say, drive safe, keep safe and be safe. Enjoy the weather and may the wind not knock out your power, and if it should, may you have a fire place... and wood.

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