Saturday, November 6, 2010

Logan and Olivia of the Week

Logan's room divided, check. Olivia's crib set and mattress, check - check. Crib ... check? While at my "mother's" I decided to steal her ... changing table that she was using for who only knows what. This enticed Tristan to seriously try and get the crib, we've "had it" for a couple weeks now, it's just been stuck down at his parents house because it won't fit in to the back of our vehicles. His dad was supposed to bring it up but he decided to just take it all apart.

This was a huge step in our "bringing home baby" and I was rather excited and more so to see Tristan so involved and enthused. We get home and start to unload and I realize that Kimber has started her period, in the back of my van. FML. I balled my eyes out. Here we are getting ready to actually get her fixed in just a week more, steam cleaning the whole house and trying to clean everything and get it under control and now she's going to bleed everywhere. *sigh* Tristan got her diapers. Problem solved, except I have to change them.

Before the diapers, we put the gate up to Logan and Olivia's room and went to work polishing the wood surfaces and assembling the crib. Once together it looked quite beautiful. We put the mattress in and started on the bumper guards. Tristan went to work quite diligently and I found it humorous for some reason. He wanted it to be perfect for once, not me. We had to tie about a thousand and one bows before we realized we forgot the bed skirt. No biggie. Get it on and It's Booful Mom! I put the comforter on and Tristan is like, "No, I like it the other way" and "You got to tuck it in". I found this adorably cute. Someone's excited!

The room looks beautiful, things are falling in to place slowly but surely. Logan is just so excited about everything that is Olivia's. He wants to sleep in her bed and play with her everything. He has a crush on Cinderella and gets excited that she's on her wall and clock.

I can't remember what I did the other day but he's been calling me a "bad girl mom". Today he was in our goody drawer and I told him to close it and as he did I pushed the Jello boxes back and he's like "No mom! Bad girl!" Bahahahahahaha. Little stinker pot.

Kimber on the other hand is being quite good since she started her period, all things considered.

Olivia has finally started wiggling again. At first when I threw my back out she didn't move for three or four days as strongly as she usually does and she had me worried. We're back to pro punching [or kicking] and I'm back to feeling reassured and more excited than ever to meet her.

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