Friday, November 12, 2010

Logan of the Day

My son, the hungry hippo, the eat anything and ask for seconds as I'm cramming my mouth full... quite eating meat. We thought at first it was just hamburger, but he wouldn't eat the roast the other day either. Tonight he wouldn't even try my meat balls. The only thing he Will eat is chicken.

I was okay with this at first, because technically some meat isn't healthy for you anyways, and he loves his fruits and veggies, especially his broccoli. Well, tonight I made it just like I always do and he threw it away. All he ate was noodles and sauce. This is just too weird. I know he's two, but seriously?

He just got scraping his bowl in to the garbage, something he does on his own. He is now covered in spaghetti sauce running in circles to the music and head banging. Bahahahahaha! Such a big boy, but geesh.

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