Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Today was a Glorious Day ♥

Today was a fairly productive day in more ways than one. Though I will admit the morning was lazy.

I finally scrubbed down Logan's nasty crusty table, [ I still haven't stained it] and put a beautiful Christmas table cloth on it, he's excited.

I made a roast. It was delicious.

I finished sewing up my place mats ... not a word! And I finally finished recutting and sewing up the front of the Tinkerbell quilt which is now for Olivia. [I will post pictures tomorrow and no not in seven minutes]

Tristan cleaned the tub today! I took a bath. Not a bathe bath but a soak relaxing bath. It was weird, probably because I'm so tired.

My sewing area - organized! Or, as organized as it's going to get til I get myself some serious toolage.

Logan is... amazing. Oh! I got an email tonight saying that Sunday Logan was one of the daily winners for What to Expect's Costume Contest and we are now entered in the grand prize. Wooty woot! I could really use it too, 14.1 mp camera :D

Other than the contest, he just woke up saying he had to go potty. I open the door and he says, "Hi mom!" Well hello there Logan. "I done listening." [which means he's Ready to listen, he thought he was in his room because he was in trouble.] I informed him he wasn't in trouble and it was bed time. Put him on the potty where he asked for a hug and he gave me a big one I then went to put him back in bed but not before he coddled and kissed me. I love him soooooooo much

I am feeling inspired to get some things done and cleared up. I am feeling inspired also to write and to draw but these are more thoughts than products at the moment.

We were going to go to Centralia on Thursday, a much needed trip to see my granny, but alas, Kimber is on her period and I don't know who on the face of the planet would volunteer to watch that *insert broken heart* So, another week will go by.

We've decided my hair shall be cut. Whether or not I can wait til we have the money is another matter all together. Logan however will be getting a hair cut this week. I've grown it out, I want it styled and pictures are coming up

In the mean time, day light savings time is taking a toll on me and I'm exhausted! It's past my bed time, I feel like I'm going to puke and heart burn is right around the corner so to this I say, "good night".

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