Saturday, November 20, 2010

Olivia, Acid Reflux & Delicious Pie

Thursday morning we went to Ann's. We were fortunate enough to see Olivia. The hard spot below my bra line is her head. [OUCH!] and her little feet are in my pelvic region. My goal for myself is to get her head down before our next appointment in two weeks... the only problem with that is my inability to sleep and the only position I find myself sleeping in or even waking up in is on my back. Terrible position for pregnancy btw.

We didn't get an ultrasound picture because we couldn't get a good angle, her face is aimed towards my back. We did our glucose testing, forgot the glucola the first time around, among other things and had to turn around. All in all it was a good trip. I got the results the next day and she said it's in the middle so she could make me do a second test if she wants to but she doesn't "wants" to. Thank God! She just said that I should cut back on the carbs and sugars unless I want a big baby, I don't want a big baby. Tristan thinks it'd be cute. I'm thinking of labor and delivery. Check please!

Speaking of goodies, we finally got Grandma BB's recipes that Tristan won't let me bake without. Aunty Colleen came over to make apple pie, spritz cookies, help set up the tree and mainly play with Logan ♥. Apple pie... DELICIOUS!!!

I am actually in the process of figuring out the final menu for the baking party/what goodies I want to make that would be good enough for Christmas presents.

This year is going to be tight and Tristan thinks we should just stick to cards, but I'm baking the goodies Anyways, and I'm certainly not eating them all and I already have in my head what I want to do and how I want to give them out. They are Beautiful and unique recipes... and I want to share!

Tristan is sick. :( Today is the first official day he called in, partially. The last time being him needing more sleep after working all those 12hr shifts. He's going in late. I don't feel good either. Acid reflux is killing me. Last night Tristan ran to the store for me to get Pepsi and Saltines [yes, it helps]. I was in tears. I'm so exhausted. I literally can't sleep and don't even bother trying half the time when I can or need to because the Second that I lay down it starts to swell up and burn and just comes crashing in waves... I was bent over last night which actually helped, except that when I tried sitting back up I realized that it had deeply impacted my back in the same place I threw it out. Oh joy!

We picked up our package from France yesterday. There was actually some stuff in it for me. An absolutely Adorable hat for Logan and a recorder. He's been whistling that thing non stop when he has it or remembers. It's not as bad as it sounds. I like his music... so far. :o)

I think I've looked up enough recipes for the day. It's time to sit down and work on some crafts, I have enough. Pictures of the tree and what not coming soon. In the mean time, here's the ceramics Logan painted.

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