Sunday, November 7, 2010

Logan and Kimber of the Day

Today has not been entirely terrible, just little things here and there leading up to one thing... I need a vacation.

Logan has not been listening. He has sticky fingers, can not keep them off anything what so ever. It's driving me nuts. Restless child, I say No!

On a funny note, while watching Golden Girls this morning a commercial came on. I only listened enough to know that Logan was repeating it, he was telling me that he lost 60lbs!!! He's been quite the recorder lately.

He was also looking through a Walmart catalog we got in the mail, pointing to nearly everything saying, "mama want this one really bad".

Tristan worked graveyard and slept until he had to go to his shift today, literally. Logan had not been listening at all up to this point. Once he left I decided to take a shower with your Royal Stinkyness. He grabbed my phone trying to help out and I was like, sure whatever. He goes to the bathroom ahead of me where the lights off and goes to set down the phone where I am following behind and I hear something drop in to the toilet. My heart dropped. Lights on, just the top of my perfume.... again. And again, my hand goes in the toilet. Gross.

Take a shower, feeling good and nice and clean.

Open the bathroom door, foul smell. Close bathroom door. Dry off and re open the bathroom door to grab clothes. Kimber is laying in her bed like she did something wrong. Her diaper is off beside her, as well as her pad by her pillow, all chewed up and ripped to pieces. Heart drops Through the floor, through the center of the Earth and flies out to space in some alternate universe. DISGUSTING! More disgusting then Kimber always trying to smell and lick her diaper when we take her pee. *vomits*

Get Logan dressed so that I can take Kimber out and replace her diaper. Come back, she doesn't listen, moves around and tries licking her completely wet blood soaked diaper. *This is where I would kick both Kimber and Tristan out*

Go to the room to remove Logan where he was being held Only while I took Kimber out. Crayon, black crayon, everywhere. All over the changing table, all over the crib.

Did I mention the other day he was caught climbing up the changing table and in to her crib? Or that he colored all over the walls while On the changing table? Or that we took his crayons away and put them on the top shelf, except the black crayon, which we couldn't find?

Kimber is currently locked out of our bedroom where she could privately rip her diaper off again. Logan is... supposed to be in trouble but is actually playing with his farm house and animals and being quiet... who wants to mess with that?

Also, his punishment was to scrub it clean, which I did. But when I told him to put the rag up he argued "still wassing mom", can't even punish him right. *big sigh*

Aside from going crazy and damn near losing my mind I went to peel an orange for Logan and I the other day and it was thick and deep and clipped my nail making it feel like it was being ripped in half, on top of the acid. It still hurts, can't even grab ice from the tray. Oh, and I managed to pop a vein or something in my thumb today, on the inside crease... no idea how this was achieved.

All I have to say is I'm glad Tristan's schedule has returned to normal, for now. I'm hoping he can actually help a little now that he is home as well as Logan returning to normal being able to see him.

My biggest desire in the world right now, aside from seeing Olivia or my granny? I would Love to go to the ocean for a weekend, stay in a hotel with a pool and jacuzzi [even if I can only soak my feet] and walk along the beach in all it's peace and beauty and go swimming with Logan in a nice heated indoor pool. Hotel's just equal vacation, relaxation and destinations. I need a destination right now. I'm tired of sitting at home. We All need to get out of the house.

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